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Get involved: Visual arts groups on campus

  • postcrypt | Artwork on display at a show in the Postcrypt Art Gallery, which is housed in the basement of St. Paul’s Chapel, and has exhibits curated by students and featuring their peers’ artworks.

Columbia offers more means than ever for self-expression, so whether you want to hone your skills as a painter, sculptor, or photographer or simply want to explore your options as an artist, don’t miss out on opportunities to share your passion with others on campus.

Postcrypt Art Gallery 
If you are enthusiastic about visual arts and want to be inspired by fellow artists’ work, check out some interesting exhibitions at Postcrypt Art Gallery. Located in the basement of St. Paul’s Chapel, the gallery is run by undergraduates and provides opportunities for those who have a lot to say about their perspectives on the world. The exhibits are usually oriented around a theme, invite many interpretations, and provoke fascinating debates. If you are interested in presenting your work, contact 

Barnard Clay Collective 
Completely student-run and managed, Barnard Clay Collective has a fully equipped clay studio in the basement of Plimpton that provides weekly professional classes for $185. The studio encourages artists with no previous experience to join and thus learn to express themselves in a new medium. The group provides a supportive and engaging environment, and often sells its work around campus.

Columbia University Photography Society 
If you adore your camera and take it everywhere, make sure to check out Columbia University Photography Society. You can browse through members’ work and the group’s events on its website. CUPS  has regular exhibitions of members’ photography around campus, and also regularly hosts outings for the group to go and take photos—last year they went to Central Park and Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. The group also hosts workshops to help members build their technical skills. 

Artist Society
Columbia Artist Society is a group where students can meet visual artists with all different interests. The club organizes regular meetings and events for Columbia artists to meet, converse, and actively engage in the creative process. Don’t miss out their “sketch” sessions on Friday nights from 6 to 8 p.m. and Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. to noon in 501 Dodge Hall. They provide models, snacks, and free art supplies. To learn more, contact the group at | @ColumbiaSpec


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