A&E: Film

Sep 11, 2014, 3:54 AM

The number one source for Israel’s internal security service, the Shin Bet, was just 17 when he began his career as a spy. He also happened to be the son of a top Hamas leader.

Sep 4, 2014, 4:32 AM

Carroll reviews the film "Frontera" by Michael Berry, which explores the lives of migrant workers.

Aug 24, 2014, 11:03 PM

It’s no secret that New York City is a major film hub, and while it’s good to get out into the city, those whose interests lie in the film world can certainly get their fix here in Morningside Heights. Here’s a list of Columbia’s clubs and organizations that offer opportunities to write, direct, or critically analyze films.

Jul 28, 2014, 12:06 PM

Director Anton Corbijn talks about his latest film, “A Most Wanted Man,” which is the last film actor Philip Seymour Hoffman finished before his death.

May 10, 2014, 2:14 PM

The new comedy “Neighbors” delivers laughs and a surprising amount of heart.

May 2, 2014, 5:51 AM

Rooftop Film Festival works to create community while showing independent films with a killer backdrop.

May 1, 2014, 3:32 AM

William Maxfield and Jordan Kalms, both CC ’14 are sending out their 25-minute film for festival consideration.

Apr 25, 2014, 2:00 AM

A new French film follows the exploits of a 17-year-old prostitute.

Apr 18, 2014, 6:05 AM

Talking to “Transcendence” director Wally Pfister about his star-studded directorial debut.

Apr 18, 2014, 4:54 AM

Clement Gelly finds moments to admire in a new documentary about artist Mary Frank, but is ultimately unsatisfied.