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Five Lamps Tavern closes temporarily

Five Lamps Tavern, a restaurant and beer garden on the corner of 106th Street and Broadway, is temporarily closed. A sign from the restaurant’s management on the door said that it would “reopen very soon.”

A woman who identified herself as Pauline Bright answered the restaurant’s phone Tuesday night and said that Five Lamps would reopen “tomorrow afternoon, if not Friday.”

Courtesy of Emma Finder
shuttered | Signs on the door at Five Lamps Tavern.

According to Bright—who hung up when asked how she is affiliated with Five Lamps—it is temporarily closed because “we have pipes that leak in the back and so they have to be fixed.”

Though the sign from the management didn’t list a reason for the closure, there was a closure notice from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene placed above the restaurant’s B health grade. The closure notice looked as if someone had tried to take it off the window. 

According to the health department’s website, the restaurant racked up 63 violation points in an ungraded inspection on July 13. Among the restaurant’s critical violations were undercooked food, cold food being held at too high a temperature, the presence of filth flies, and improperly cleaned surfaces.

It was not immediately clear how long Five Lamps had been closed. | @davidj_salazar


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David Rebhun posted on
More info on why this awful place was closed. It is a blight on the neighborhood.