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With Passover and Easter just around the corner, it is once again the season of biblical stories, guilt (if you're Jewish), and Peeps (if you're Christian). Whether you are going home to spend some time with your family or using your newfound “religious faith” as an excuse to avoid doing homework, here are some films to help you brush up on all things biblical.  

‘Prince of Egypt'

With hands down the best animated soundtrack of all time, “The Prince of Egypt” tells the story of Moses' discovery that not only is he a Hebrew, but that it is his destiny to lead his people out of slavery in Egypt. No pressure. This film also boasts a ridiculous cast, including Ralph Fiennes, Sandra Bullock, Helen Mirren, and Patrick Stewart.

‘New Testament'

Directed by and starring Eric Ingram, CC '14, this student short film reimagines the story of Jesus and his disciples against a Morningside Heights backdrop. A 20-something Jesus must navigate friendship (and betrayal), romance, and finding a job, all while resisting the temptations of Satan. Ingram's film has been featured on Kickstarter's list of short films.

‘Son of God'

Featuring an unbelievably attractive Jesus, “Son of God” follows the Messiah from childhood to his crucifixion. There are miracles aplenty in this beautifully filmed movie, as well as some pretty impressive CGI sequences for the first century AD.


What is more wholesome than Christian indoctrination and vegetables? Absolutely nothing. This children's television show hosts a ridiculously catchy theme song and good Christian values as told through talking vegetables—the perfect show to watch if you're planning on celebrating 4/20.

‘Jesus Christ Superstar'

Honestly, Jesus Christ was basically the rock star of the Roman Empire. This film recreates the last week of Jesus' life as a 1970s rock opera, complete with a lady-of-the-night Mary Magdalene and over-the-top dramatics.

‘The Da Vinci Code'

OK, not exclusively biblical, but if you want to scandalize your grandmother, you can tell her all about how Jesus had a daughter with Mary Magdalene and how the Knights Templar protect the lineage of Christ. Luckily, Tom Hanks is there with a terrible haircut to solve the clues left by Leonardo da Vinci and save the day.


Noah, a humble carpenter, is forewarned of a world-destroying flood by God and is commissioned to build an ark to save the innocent from impending doom. Naturally, the not-so-innocent inhabitants of the world are a little upset, and chaos, both man-made and natural, ensues. Russell Crowe, per usual, rocks the scruffy, defiant look as the titular character. | @sarah_e_roth

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