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With the recent and extensive spate of snowy weather, I’ve found myself spending many an evening longing for (and eventually consuming) a nice bowl of soup. But after a while, there’s nothing but sadness and monotony to be found at the bottom of a can of Progresso clam chowder or a box of Trader Joe’s roasted red pepper. Despair not, my soup-starved brethren. I’m here to take you on a soup tour of Morningside Heights that won’t be soon forgotten. 

Westside Market
OK. I know what you’re thinking, that this is a pretty obvious choice of soup venue. But you only think it’s obvious because it’s the best. When you think soup and immediately think Westside, that means that its soup is good. From chicken fajita to mulligatawny and lobster bisque, Westside’s ever-changing selection is the best in the neighborhood. Plus, it comes with bread. And again, it may seem obvious, but it’s not like people go to Morton Williams for soup—so stick that in your bread bowl and slurp it. 
110th Street & Broadway

Yasha Ramen
Contrary to popular belief—and what discourse might lead you to believe—Jin Ramen is not the best ramen in this neighborhood. For a little less than what you’ll pay at Jin Ramen, you can get excellent ramen at Yasha, and they aren’t reluctant to make it spicy if that’s how you like it. The menu isn’t expansive, but who needs expansive when everything on the menu is delicious?
940 Amsterdam Ave. between 106th and 107th streets

Unlike Yasha Ramen, Saiguette does a lot more than make soup—its selection of banh mis is extensive (I’ve never tried anything but the traditional one and refuse to accept that there’s a better version than that). But just because its soup is not the centerpiece of the menu doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious. This place even goes beyond simply offering pho­­­—which you can get with the traditional noodles or vermicelli. On top of that (literally), most come with jalapeƱos for those inclined to spice up their food. 935 Columbus Ave., corner of 106th Street.

Ferris Booth Commons
No, I’m not kidding. I know our dining halls are universally derided as spooning out inedible food by the pound, but one thing we should be able to concede about Ferris Booth is that its soup is pretty good. The hearty lentil soup is a favorite of mine, and the sweet potato one isn’t bad either. It’s not fancy, but think about it: What soup has consistently been there for you when you’re out of money and hope for the future? Just know that you’ll always have Ferris.
2nd & 3rd Floor, Lerner Ramps East, Broadway between 114th and 115th streets | @davidj_salazar

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