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Columbia Classical Performers are headed to Princeton this weekend to prove that lions and tigers can play nicely together. 

The 15-member group will be in the Garden State on Saturday for an evening of collaborative classical music between CCP and the Princeton Classical Music Players. 

CCP President Alison Chang, CC '16, helped organize the joint concert, taking inspiration from the group's annual collaboration with Harvard's Brattle Street Chamber Players. The Princeton concert will be a similar “celebration of the musical communities of each school,” Chang said. At Princeton, she'll be performing Schubert's Piano Trio in B-flat major. Though she chose Princeton partially because of its proximity, another draw was the “numerous music lovers who attend the school.” 

Classical guitarist Kevin Choi, CC '17, said he is excited to perform with the CU Guitar Quartet as it pairs its sound with other instruments.

“The classical guitar is kind of obscure but can align with violins and more traditional instruments,” Choi said. 

The four guitarists in the CU Guitar Quartet bring contrasting pieces to the stage: Vivaldi's Trio Sonata in G minor and Tchaikovsky's Miniature Overture from “The Nutcracker.” The latter is an innovative take on a piece originally written for a full philharmonic orchestra.

Violist Chason Goldfinger, CC '17, who is on the CCP board, hopes for this to be an annual event that the schools will take turn hosting. 

Outside of its inter-school performances, CCP puts on regular concerts in Lerner Hall and Miller Theatre and works to help instrumentalists and vocalists find accompanists. For Chang, her goal is “providing the community with free, high-quality performances.” | @ColumbiaSpec

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