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The Internet Cat Video Festival might only last during one weekend, but cats have a looming presence in this city: They're deified in museums, loiter on sidewalks, and lend their name to hipster hangouts. In this week's Best of, Spectator highlights some of the coolest cats around.   

City Critters
A reputable, no-kill cat adoption center, City Critters is a nonprofit that finds safe homes for kitties taken in from the streets, abusive households, and city shelters. Potential parents have to fill out an application and meet with a cat counselor—a job that's probably awesome—but if they pass, they can adopt adorable fluffy friends for $100 each and upload videos of them to the Internet, where they will be immortalized forever.  

Divine Felines at the Brooklyn Museum
Cats of Ancient Egypt is a long-term installation that “explores the role of cats, lions, and other feline creatures in Egyptian mythology, kingship, and everyday life.” Most of the cats are wearing old jewelry and look like they're better than everyone else. There are also statues that originally contained cat mummies. Hopefully this exhibit is destined to someday be used as a set in the inevitable zombie-cat-apocalypse movie. 

Fat Cat Jazz
This basement club in the West Village features live music every night—though I recommend going Friday for the Gospel Queens of Brooklyn—and the cover charge is only $3. The place is mostly inhabited by NYU hipsters who are either playing aloof games of pool, Scrabble, or shuffleboard or gazing at the performers and looking authentic. It can be hard to find a seat if you go late, and no one ever stands up, so be early or wear flats. 

Hanksy's ‘Will Ferrell Cat'
Apparently across the street from (and in response to) Banksy's first work of October's “Better Out Than In” show in New York, Hanksy—a coy take on the British street artist—gave a gift to all of mankind. His wheat-paste work, at 17 Allen St. on the Lower East Side, features an image of “Anchorman” character Ron Burgundy with the body of a lounging pink and purple cat.  |  @RachelLouie

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