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Orientation 2013: Who’s who in Columbia’s student music scene

  • Emperors | Student band Morningsiders opened for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at Bacchanal in April.
  • cello, world | String theory has covered many well-known pop songs on the cello as well as the “Game of Thrones” theme song.
  • drop the bass | Flaxo, otherwise known as Nick Perloff, CC ’16, won a national DJ competition this summer.
  • Delivery men | Standard Delivery gained notoriety last spring when they won the opportunity to open for rapper Hoodie Allen at his Columbia appearance in April.
  • Pixelated | Tox and Guest recorded its debut EP in the dorm rooms of its members.
  • The Tao of Conrad | Conrad Tao, Columbia-Juilliard ’15, first began playing piano at 18 months.
  • For the win | Jeffers Win worked with student-run production company For Dad Films to create the music video for their song, “I Can’t Call You (I’m in the Army).”
  • Pizza Party | Drug Pizza’s debut EP was released on casette.
  • Twerk till you dwai | As DJ Dwai, Andrew Jorquera, CC ’16, lets out his inner trap star with his remixes.

Columbia has an illustrious history of musical groups, with famous acts ranging from Vampire Weekend to, well, Vampire Weekend. But if you think Columbia's musical legacy begins and ends at “A-Punk,” these bands might change your mind.

Members: Magnus Ferguson, Reid Jenkins, and Robert Frech, all CC ’14; Sam Sugerman, CC ’17
Founded: 2012
Sound: American Mumford & Sons
Claim to fame: Opened for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Flosstradamus at last year's Bacchanal.

String Theory
Members: Steven Bennett, Corinna Boylan, CC '15, Nathan Chan, and Maddie Tucker, CC ’15 and part of the Columbia-Juilliard exchange; Justin Zhao, SEAS ’15
Founded: 2011
Sound: Chart hits on cellos
Claim to fame: Reached the finals of a Maroon 5 spotlight contest.

Member: Nick Perloff, CC ’16
Founded: 2011
Sound: Emotional trap
Claim to fame: Won national Campus DJ competition. Baauer and Krewella are fans.

Standard Delivery
Members: Jonah Belser, Prajit Gopal, Alex Roth, and Linan Qiu, all CC ’16, and Ethan Kogan, CC ’13
Founded: 2012
Sound: U2 with ragas
Claim to fame: Opened for Hoodie Allen during the Columbia Music Festival. 

Members: Corey Dansereau, CC ’14, David Halpern, CC ’13, Emilie Schattman, BC ’15, Sahil Ansari, SEAS ’15, Eli Aleinikoff, and Jon Perkins, both CC ’15
Founded: 2013
Sound: “Confessional avant-folk”
Claim to fame: Recorded its debut EP, “Pixelated,” in its members’ dorm rooms.

Conrad Tao
Members: Conrad Tao
Founded: 1994
Sound: Contemporary classical, synthpop
Claim to fame: All-around musical genius. Just check his Wikipedia page, where he’s pictured with Hillary Clinton. 

Jeffers Win
Members: Erika Thompson, Henry Murphy, Stephan Adamow, Cam Johnson, and P.J. Sauerteig, all CC ’15
Founded: 2011
Sound: Experimental folk
Claim to fame: Professional music video for “I Can’t Call You (I’m in the Army).” 

Drug Pizza
Members: Zoe Camp, BC ’14; Madeline Steinberg, BC ’15; Miguel Gallego and Henry Van Dusen, both CC ’15
Founded: 2013
Sound: Scuzzy, screamy garage
Claim to fame: Released an EP on cassette. In 2013. You go, guys.

DJ Dwai
Members: Andrew Jorquera, CC ’16
Founded: 2012
Sound: Music to twerk to
Claim to fame: His salacious SoundCloud mixes. | @noahknew

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