The News section is the eyes and ears of Columbia University and the surrounding neighborhoods of New York City. Our reporters sit down with top Columbia and Barnard administrators, walk the city streets from the Upper West Side to Harlem, and work with student councils and clubs to get to the core of our student-life coverage. Writing for News might be the best way to get the most out of your experience as a student and resident of New York, as you encounter people, places, and events that are integral to shaping your life here, though perhaps beyond the scope of an average Columbia undergraduate.

Elizabeth Sedran
Deborah Secular

Deputy editors
Teo Armus (Student Life) 
J. Clara Chan (Academics)
Garrett Donnelly (Morningside Heights)
Catie Edmondson (Administration)
Aaron Fisher (Manhattanville/University Finances) 
Nanxi You (West Harlem)

Senior staff writers
Malaya Sadler 
Dylan Cooper
Angela Bentley