The Eye

Every Thursday, Spectator puts out an online magazine called The Eye, an arts and culture publication that likes to dabble in politics, religion, and the philosophical implications of Nicki Minaj. The staff of The Eye is devoted to putting out content every week that keeps you at one with the zeitgeist and one step ahead of your noise-pop-loving friends down at NYU.

Some of our favorite stories last year covered sex-positive movements at Columbia, Lena Dunham’s “Girls,” and social-media addiction. Ultimately, The Eye’s about what’s important to us right now—whatever that may be.

Each week we publish a lengthy lead story, several long-form features, an interview, and a personal essay or work of fiction. In addition, we write several bite-sized reflections on campus life and pop culture punningly called Eyesites and 20/20.

The Eye is always looking for writers, bloggers, photographers, web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, and anyone else with a soft spot for magazine or Web journalism. For more information, contact us at

Eye Editor in Chief
Katie McMahon

Eye Head Copy Editor
Sean Pedersen

Lead Story Editor
Ben Sheng