Editorial Board

  • Kiera Wood / Senior Staff Photographer
    Say Cheese! | Front row (l-r): Julian Noisecat, CC ’15, Dan Garisto, CC ’16, Josh Boggs, SEAS ’15, Luna Rey, CC ’17, Steven Lau, CC ’15, Nellie Gayle, BC ’15. Front row (l-r): Liam Bland, CC ’15, Margaret Mattes, CC ’15, Katie Cacouris, CC ’15, Ben Gittelson, CC ’15, Abby Abrams, BC ’15, Christina Huang, SEAS ’15. Not pictured: Gilbert Garbiso, GS ’15.


Abby Abrams is a Barnard College senior from St. Louis, Mo. majoring in English. Around campus she is the editor in chief of the Columbia Daily Spectator, a Senior Interviewer for the Barnard Admissions Office, and was previously editor in chief of Echoes, Barnard’s literary magazine. A staunch defender of Leonardo DiCaprio and a connoisseur of St. Louis Bread Co. (Panera Bread for the uninitiated), Abby enjoys camping, intellectual history, and making obscure Harry Potter references.

Daniel Garisto is a Columbia College junior from a small town in Long Island, N.Y. He is majoring in physics and is bad at concentrating. On campus, he is the editorial page editor of the Columbia Daily Spectator, a Stressbuster, and has been a confused particle physics intern. Dan is fond of nighttime bike rides, opinions, and bubble physics.

Steven Lau is a Columbia College senior, majoring in economics-mathematics. A San Francisco Bay Area native, Steven is the managing editor of the Columbia Daily Spectator. At Columbia, he has been a part of the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month planning committee and the mock trial team. Steven enjoys making videos, music, pancakes, and messes.

Liam Bland is a Columbia College senior majoring in political science. On campus, he works for Community Impact and participates in CIRCA MUN conferences. Liam has been a representative for the Class of 2015’s student council and this year he looks forward to being on the other side of student government. In his free time, Liam maintains a One Direction fan Tumblr and attends concerts whenever he can afford a ticket.

Josh Boggs is a School of Engineering and Applied Science senior majoring in computer science and minoring in art history. Josh lived in six different states, but has spent most of his time in Orlando, Fla. He has a fraternal twin brother. Several years ago, Josh was chased by a bear in the wilderness. On campus, Josh serves on the Engineering Student Council as vice president of communications. He enjoys long-distance running, East Asian cuisine, and listening to Kanye West. He does not enjoy bears.

Katie Cacouris Katie Cacouris is a Columbia College senior from New Jersey, though she's a New Yorker at heart. Katie is double majoring in American Studies—with a focus on Constitutional law—and English. On campus, she's spent most of her time outside the classroom directing musicals, including Passing Strange and Hair. She didn't join Spec because it's close to Pinkberry but it's a very happy coincidence.

Gilbert Garbiso is a General Studies student majoring in biochemistry and graduating in 2015. He was born and raised in Colorado, which has given him an undying love for any cold weather activity. Gilbert is a born-again scientist who returned to school after working as a blood bank phlebotomist in a large hospital in Miami Beach. Since then, he has worked in a number of labs at Miami Dade College, Columbia and Yale. He plans to enter an MD/PhD program… eventually.

Ben Gittelson is a Columbia College senior from Outkast, Ga., majoring in linguistics and concentrating in coffee. On campus, Ben is a pizza orderer (emeritus) and former deputy news editor at Spectator, a member of the Columbia University Bach Society Orchestra, and the managing editor of the Columbia Undergraduate Research Journal. With the demands placed on him by his Netflix schedule and his "schoolwork," he does not have much time to do anything other than gaze at his navel and contemplate how to insert Mean Girls gifs into Spectator content over the totally valid objections of his editors.

Christina Huang is a School of Engineering and Applied Science senior from Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., a city that actually does exist.  She is majoring in chemical engineering and was never too good at that Concentration game. On campus, she is involved in the Society of Women Engineers and has done research to improve response to oil spills. She enjoys traveling, going to concerts, and following pop culture. 

Margaret Mattes is a Columbia College senior from Princeton, N.J., majoring in political science and sociology. In between classes, homework, and editorial board meetings, Margaret serves as vice president of initiatives at Columbia/Barnard Hillel. She also represents Columbia College on the Education Policy and Planning Committee, and works as a member of the College's Class of 2015 Senior Fund Executive Committee. Margaret is also a major foodie and enjoys cooking creative meals for anyone who is willing to sit down and eat.

Julian Noisecat is a Columbia College senior from Oakland, Calif., majoring in history. He is an enrolled member of the Canim Lake Band in British Columbia where he was recently nominated to run for chief. On campus, he is co-president of the Native American Council, president and captain of the Men’s Ice Hockey Club, and founder of the Manhattan House. He was raised in a time-starved, single-parent household, so his mother regularly fed him dinner from Oakland’s storied burrito trucks. When he is not distracted by Instagram, Julian is writing his senior thesis on indigenous memory and political movements in British Columbia during the 1970s.

Luna Rey is a Columbia College sophomore from San Diego. She plans to major in American studies and concentrate in English. She is the director of public relations for Delta Gamma’s Zeta Theta Chapter, a lead coordinator for the Visiting and Exchange Students Program, and a mentor for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Outside campus, Luna likes to explore New York's food and music scenes. She is still in search of decent Baja-style Mexican food.