Editorial Board

Michael Ouimette is a Columbia College junior majoring in Spectator, although his diploma will say history. On campus, Michael is the current Editor in Chief—and former Publisher—of Spectator, as well as President of the Spectator Publishing Company. He is from New York City and has worked on 14 political campaigns, which means he will never be interested in running for office. Michael is passionate about the future of media, and enjoys watching everything from Star Trek to the Sopranos to The West Wing.

Mikhail Klimentov is a Columbia College junior majoring in computer science and political science, with a concentration in visual arts. Around campus, he is Spectator's editorial page editor, the Columbia University Marching Band's poet laureate (aka resident troublemaker), and resident Arcade Fire fanatic. In his free time, Mikhail dreams of being a standup comedian, video game designer, and president—preferably at the same time. He would like to use this space to tell his 5th grade teacher that she was wrong. Also, he doesn't play basketball.

Liam Bland is a Columbia College senior majoring in political science. On campus, he works for Community Impact and participates in CIRCA MUN conferences. Liam has been a representative for the Class of 2015’s student council and this year he looks forward to being on the other side of student government. In his free time, Liam maintains a One Direction fan Tumblr and attends concerts whenever he can afford a ticket.

Katie Cacouris Katie Cacouris is a Columbia College senior from New Jersey, though she's a New Yorker at heart. Katie is double majoring in American Studies—with a focus on Constitutional law—and English. On campus, she's spent most of her time outside the classroom directing musicals, including Passing Strange and Hair. She didn't join Spec because it's close to Pinkberry but it's a very happy coincidence.

Gilbert Garbiso is a General Studies student majoring in biochemistry and graduating in 2015. He was born and raised in Colorado, which has given him an undying love for any cold weather activity. Gilbert is a born-again scientist who returned to school after working as a blood bank phlebotomist in a large hospital in Miami Beach. Since then, he has worked in a number of labs at Miami Dade College, Columbia and Yale. He plans to enter an MD/PhD program… eventually.

Ben Gittelson is a Columbia College senior from Outkast, Ga., majoring in linguistics and concentrating in coffee. On campus, Ben is a pizza orderer (emeritus) and former deputy news editor at Spectator, a member of the Columbia University Bach Society Orchestra, and the managing editor of the Columbia Undergraduate Research Journal. With the demands placed on him by his Netflix schedule and his "schoolwork," he does not have much time to do anything other than gaze at his navel and contemplate how to insert Mean Girls gifs into Spectator content over the totally valid objections of his editors.

Margaret Mattes is a Columbia College senior from Princeton, N.J., majoring in political science and sociology. In between classes, homework, and editorial board meetings, Margaret serves as vice president of initiatives at Columbia/Barnard Hillel. She also represents Columbia College on the Education Policy and Planning Committee, and works as a member of the College's Class of 2015 Senior Fund Executive Committee. Margaret is also a major foodie and enjoys cooking creative meals for anyone who is willing to sit down and eat.

Julian Noisecat is a Columbia College senior from Oakland, Calif., majoring in history. He is an enrolled member of the Canim Lake Band in British Columbia where he was recently nominated to run for chief. On campus, he is co-president of the Native American Council, president and captain of the Men’s Ice Hockey Club, and founder of the Manhattan House. He was raised in a time-starved, single-parent household, so his mother regularly fed him dinner from Oakland’s storied burrito trucks. When he is not distracted by Instagram, Julian is writing his senior thesis on indigenous memory and political movements in British Columbia during the 1970s.

Luna Rey is a Columbia College sophomore from San Diego. She plans to major in American studies and concentrate in English. She is a lead coordinator for the Visiting and Exchange Students Program, a mentor for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, and a member of the Zeta Theta chapter of Delta Gamma. Outside campus, Luna likes to explore New York's food and music scenes. She is still in search of decent Baja-style Mexican food.

Luiza Leão is a Brazilian Barnard sophomore majoring in political science with a concentration in International Relations. She has been involved in CIRCA and Barnard’s ELP. Around campus she is a talkative debater who won’t shut up until JJ’s lights go off, annoying student who asks questions at the end of class when everyone else just wants to leave, Petyr Baelish fan, and poetry amateur. She enjoys yoga and hugging people when they’re totally not expecting it. Outside campus she’s involved in the MIT Global Shakespeare project and enjoys listening to the subway piano player at 66th street.

Matthew Taub is a Columbia College sophomore from New Jersey, planning on majoring in English. He is actively involved with student theater, Hillel and Chipotle. No one has ever considered him controversial in any sense of the word, so we’ll see how this whole Editorial Board thing goes for him. Though Matthew once fractured it while falling asleep, his toe recovered to be much stronger.

Jonathan Er is a Columbia College junior from Western New York, which is distinct from and even more unpopular than Upstate New York. He is majoring in political science and philosophy. On campus he is involved with several tutoring groups and residential programs. He enjoys suffrage and can frequently be seen prowling the Upper West Side in pursuit of happiness, i.e. halal.