Editorial Board

  • Kiera Wood / Senior Staff Photographer
    Editorial Board | Back row (l-r): Jillian Kumagai, BC '15, Alex Smyk, CC '14, Dan Garisto, CC '16, Rebeka Cohan, BC '14, Peter Andrews, CC '14, Margaret Mattes, CC '15, Nicole Bleuel, SEAS '14, Justin Bleuel, CC '17, and Nelson Castaño, CC '14. Front row (l-r): Emma Finder, CC '16, Abby Abrams, BC '15, Nathalie Barton, CC '14, and Joshua Boggs, SEAS '15.


Abby Abrams is a Barnard College junior from St. Louis, Mo. She is majoring in English and minoring in history. Around campus she is the editor in chief of the Columbia Daily Spectator, a Barnard Student Admissions Representative, and was previously editor in chief of Echoes, Barnard’s literary magazine. A staunch defender of Leonardo DiCaprio and a St. Louis Bread Co. (that’s Panera Bread for the uninitiated) connoisseur, Abby enjoys canoeing and making obscure Harry Potter references.

Emma Finder is a sophomore in Columbia College, originally from Boston (the actual city). She plans to work in TV after graduation and hopes her time spent watching “The Office” reruns is helpful to that end. On campus, she is editorial page editor at Spectator, a member of the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee, and a veteran of Latenite Theatre. A lover of dystopian novels and her golden retriever, Mia, Emma can be found making obscure pop culture references, playing and arranging music, and baking mint brownies.

Daniel Garisto is a Columbia College sophomore from Bellport, N.Y. He plans to major in physics and is bad at concentrating. He is an editorial page editor at Spectator, has been an orientation leader for the New Student Orientation Program, and has done particle physics research at Nevis Laboratories. Dan is fond of nighttime bike rides, opinions, and kumquats.

Peter Andrews is a Columbia College senior from Wilmington, Del.—the greatest of the 50 states. He is majoring in history and concentrating in political science. Around campus he is the former head manager of the Columbia University Marching Band, a sports columnist for the Columbia Daily Spectator, a play-by-play commentator for WKCR Sports, and a member of the Undergraduate History Council. He is a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, Arsenal FC, constitutional law, Ke$ha, and “National Treasure.”

Nathalie Barton is a senior in Columbia College, majoring American Studies and concentrating in History. On campus, she is also a member of the advisory board for the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee. She spent the spring and summer of the last year in Paris, working on a research project when not going on foodie missions and sitting in parks. Raised in Charlottesville, VA, Nathalie enjoys reading about pop culture, arguing about pop culture and organizing dinners. 

Justin Bleuel is a Columbia College first-year from Stamford, Conn., majoring in computer science and financial economics and minoring in Russian. On campus, he serves on the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee, is a member of the Ivy Council, and plays on the water polo club team. A real foodie, Justin has an Instagram dedicated solely to pictures of food and silverware, @foodnsilverware. In his free time, Justin enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing music, and traveling.

Nicole Bleuel is a School of Engineering and Applied Science senior from Connecticut majoring in engineering management systems and minoring in economics as well as entrepreneurship and innovation. Her true passion is marketing and business strategy. On campus, Nicole is the founder and president of the Columbia Undergraduate Consulting Club, president of the Scholars Alliance, and a resident adviser. In her free time, Nicole likes writing and reciting poetry and spending time with her family and friends.

Joshua Boggs is a School of Engineering and Applied Science junior majoring in computer science and minoring in art history. He’s lived in six different states, but has spent most of his time in Orlando, Fla. He has a fraternal twin brother. On campus, Josh serves as the Class of 2015 Engineering Student Council President. He enjoys long-distance running, East Asian cuisine, and listening to Kanye West.

Nelson Castaño is a Columbia College senior from Woodside, N.Y. He is majoring in American studies and concentrating in history, with a specialization in 20th-century United States history. For his senior thesis, Nelson is researching the history of healthcare in the United States. On campus, he is a senior advisor to Columbia PorColombia, a member of Sigma Lambda Beta, a student interviewer for the Multicultural Recruitment Committee, and a mentor through the Double Discovery Center. He previously served as president of his fraternity, political chair of Latino Heritage Month, and president of Columbia PorColombia. Nelson enjoys running, reading autobiographies and fictional works, and trying new foods. 

Rebeka Cohan is a Barnard College senior from Ann Arbor, Mich. She is majoring in history, specifically focusing on modern American history. She is the former staff development director and a former sports editor for Spectator, and also participates in Greek life on campus. She is probably a little bit unhealthily obsessed with Ivy League and University of Michigan sports and enjoys wasting otherwise useful time watching “Supernatural” on Netflix.

Jillian Kumagai is a Barnard College junior from Denver majoring in English and political science. At Spectator, she has served as a deputy city news editor, a deputy A&E editor, an associate news editor, and a senior staff reporter. Away from Columbia, she has worked for Guernica magazine and the New Yorker. In her free time, she enjoys reading and hiking in the Rockies, but is happiest while rhapsodizing on subjects including musicals, the OED, and fancy soda. 

Margaret Mattes is a Columbia College junior from Princeton, N.J., majoring in political science and sociology. In between classes, homework, and editorial board meetings, Margaret serves as Vice President of Initiatives at Columbia/Hillel, represents Columbia College on the Education Policy and Planning Committee, and serves as a researcher for a project focused on social opportunity and equity at the Social Science Research Council. Margaret is also a major foodie and enjoys cooking creative meals for anyone who is willing to sit down and eat.

Alex Smyk is a Columbia College senior from New Jersey majoring in financial economics and environmental science. His studies inspired an interest in energy finance, where he plans to work after school, and he’s writing a research thesis at the Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy. As a former debater, Alex spent time teaching public speaking at underserved schools through Youth for Debate. He also served for two years as president of the Spectator Publishing Company, Spectator’s parent corporation. Alex was a vice president on the InterFraternity Council, as well as president and philanthropy chair of his fraternity. Alex loves spending time with friends, especially outdoors, camping, kayaking, and hiking, and his dream is to start his own company. He is a Polish-American dual citizen.