Editorial Board

Caroline Chiu is the only native New Yorker you'll ever meet who loves Times Square, even during tourist season. She serves as both Spectator’s first Asian-American woman editor in chief and the only EIC who has ever been crazy enough to pursue a double major in biomedical engineering and Spec. In her “abundance” of free time, Caroline enjoys indulging in American Idol reruns and searching for non-chocolate desserts.

Ben Libman is a Columbia College junior who hails from a snowy Canadian island anchored in the frigid waters of the Saint-Laurent called Montréal. As managing editor, he spends the bulk of his time driving Spectator's journalism and trying to keep track of the number of K-Cups he's consumed. When he's not busy working on his Spec degree, Ben devotes himself to his English major and still holds onto the hope that he will one day complete his thesis.

Paulina Mangubat is a Barnard College junior majoring in political science and East Asian studies. At Spectator, she is known as the editorial page editor; elsewhere, she is known for being past her prime. Paulina is a first-generation Filipino American, and currently serves as a co-president of Columbia University's Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM). She is from Phoenix, AZ, which is why she is so often misunderstood.

Anna Alonso is a Columbia College sophomore majoring in linguistics and concentrating in computer science. She is the current design editor at Spectator and a member of both the Multicultural and Undergraduate Recruitment Committees. She hails from Woodcliff Lake, NJ, does not have a Snooki poof, and, despite her doctors telling her she will forever be five feet, swears she is still growing.

Jenna Beers is a Barnard College junior studying psychology. She is also an Athena Scholar with the Athena Center for Leadership Studies. At Spectator, she is known as the assistant managing editor for Visuals and staff director (as well as an all-around Spec enthusiast). Jenna is from Silver Spring, Maryland, where she has a twin brother, two step-brothers, three step-sisters, four nephews, and two nieces and/or nephews on the way; yet, somehow, she still likes to be around people. And yes, she knows you love beer.

J. Clara Chan is a sophomore in Barnard majoring in English. She is Spectator's news editor, a violist in the Barnard/Manhattan School of Music exchange, and a professional cat lady.

Pooja Desai is a sophomore at Barnard College majoring in neuroscience and minoring in computer science. At Spectator she serves as the events director, though in her non-Spec life she is famous for sleep talking, existential crises about being pre-med, and having an endless supply of dad jokes (her father is quite proud). She hails from San Francisco, CA, which means to her the East Coast winter has yet to lose its beauty.

Catie Edmondson is a Barnard sophomore majoring in English and religion. She is Spectator's news editor. Her turn-ons include smooth jazz and the relentless pursuit of truth in the face of adversity.

Sophia Hotung is a Barnard College sophomore majoring in English and history. She specialises in butchering rap songs with her British accent and making puns. She enjoys crowbarring puns into Spectrum content, but when they get rejected, she happily channels her attempts at humour into her improv group Control Top. Sophia is a Eurasian Hong Konger and likes to show off her wide vocabulary of Cantonese profanity.

Youjin Jenny Jang is a Columbia College junior from Seoul, South Korea. On campus, she divides her time between preparing for classes and working with people on The Eye, both of which involve reading a lot of stories. She enjoys walking around (sometimes in circles), seeing things novel or familiar, and listening to people talk. She generally hopes to be worthwhile, preferably to someone she loves, and to always be interested and versatile enough to learn, remember, and revise.

Miranda Kantor is a junior in Columbia College, on the premedical track, but for some reason majoring in French and francophone studies. She is head copy editor at Spectator, and spends a lot of time adding Oxford commas, curvy apostrophes, and other important things to Spec stories. Miranda also serves as a student executive of Community Impact, and is a member of the Global Recruitment Committee. She is a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi. Her hometown is Cape Town, South Africa, which is a beautiful and faraway place.

Tony Li is a Columbia College sophomore majoring in financial economics and computer science. He is Spectator's director of data science and is also heavily involved in the Columbia Organisation of Rising Entrepreneurs (CORE) and Almaworks. Tony hails from the faraway land of Canada, where maple syrup flows freely and there is no Donald Trump.

Rachit Mohan is a SEAS junior hailing from the rural landscape of downtown Dallas, Texas. In addition to spending the vast majority of his time working as publisher of Spectator, Rachit studies biomedical engineering and computer science. He is passionate about philosophy, Columbia athletics, and Snapchat. In a recent Buzzfeed quiz, Rachit was likened to Beyoncé Knowles. He feels this is an adequate comparison because, like Mrs. Knowles, Rachit possesses strong leadership skills, charm, and an innate understanding of the human condition.

Dan Radov is a junior in Columbia College majoring in modern European history. He is the sports editor at Spectator and is known for having traveled to all 50 states for some inexplicable reason (yes, even Alaska). He is from Baltimore, Maryland and is too often the subject of cliché jokes about how dangerous the city is.

Hailing from Singapore, Anurak Saelaow is a Columbia College sophomore majoring in economics and creative writing. He is currently Spectator's deputy publisher and also serves as the managing editor of Quarto, Columbia's official undergraduate literary magazine. He is a former lieutenant of the Singapore Armed Forces.

Michael Tai is a Columbia College first-year majoring in financial economics and math. At Spectator, he serves as the revenue director. Outside of Spec, Michael enjoys rock climbing, coaching debate, and long walks on (Low) beach. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Michael is also a Steelers fan.

Ethan Wu is a Columbia College junior on the premedical track, majoring in biology. As photo editor, you may see his pictures in your newsfeed; around campus, you may see him zipping around on a penny board (which he believes is the most efficient form of transportation in the city). He is from Glastonbury, Connecticut.

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