Arts & Entertainment

Spectator A&E covers all things arts and entertainment in New York, both on and off campus. We are composed of eight subsections, each of which provides student-relevant arts coverage in the daily pages and on Spectator’s blog, Spectrum. Our four-page Weekend section, published every Thursday, explores the most interesting events, festivals, markets, and goings-on in New York on any given weekend. 

In the past year alone, A&E writers have interviewed Alana Haim, of the band Haim, filmmaker Peter Bogdonavich, and jewelry designer Joel A. Rosenthal (JAR). But some of the most important and exciting work Spec A&E does is focused right in our own neighborhood, reviewing student and campus productions, profiling student and faculty artists, authors, and musicians, and offering a guide to the multifaceted arts scene inside Columbia’s gates.

Anne Marie Bompart

Deputy editors
Jessica Gunther (Spectrum)
Afrodite Koungoulos (Weekend)
Coco Dowling (daily content)

Associate editors:
Marlee Fox (Film + TV)
Daisy Cheng (Food + Drink)
Noah Jackson (Music)
Kally Patz (Theater, Dance)
Alexandra Warrick (Style)
Geneva Hutcheson (Books, Art)