Find fridges and fans at the Green Sale

Interested in fridges, fake severed arms, and/or being environmentally friendly? Check out the EcoReps Green Sale at 10 a.m. on Monday!

The Green Sale is basically a garage sale of donated (or, sometimes, forgotten) used items that takes place in Wien Hall. The sale started Friday for first-years and is popping up again on Monday for upperclasspeople. Some stuff is useful, like lamps, fans, mops, posters, binders, TONS of mini fridges (around 400 total between Friday and Monday), books, and garbage bins. Also around is more bizarre stuff, like sleds, one or two adult films, Halloween costumes and props, a fake cobra, and an… anatomically-shaped water gun (who knew that was a thing?)

The sale keeps all of this stuff from just wasting away in a landfill, and anything that isn’t sold will be donated to nearby organizations. All money raised goes to Ecoreps to support sustainability initiatives on campus.

For more information, check out the EcoReps on their website or on Facebook. You can also email them at

Scenes from Friday’s Green Sale:

Not entirely sure what this is… Likely able to power a time machine.

Keep it cool.

Ecoreps endorse finding one’s soulmate before walking among the fridges.

Very helpful shower caddies, but you might want to stay away from the used loofahs.

I can’t tell if it’s appropriate or ironic to buy a Gordon Gekko poster at a secondhand sale.


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