Columbia admissions officers take ALS ice bucket challenge

Today, Columbia admissions officers felt a chill go down their backs. (And no, it wasn't about the impending influx of Early Decision applicants.)

After Brown's admissions officers accepted the ALS ice bucket challenge from Yale, they challenged Columbia's own admissions office. Although Columbia was several days past the 24-hour deadline, they responded in fashion

Columbia Undergraduate Admissions ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Columbia Admissions on Vimeo

Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Jessica Marinaccio issued a challenge to former Columbia admissions officers, and then proceeded to talk about ALS and Columbia's connection to the disease through graduate Lou Gherig, CC ’25. 

Marinaccio noted that the admissions department also made a donation in support of ALS research, but did not disclose what the amount was.


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Anonymous posted on

As if these guys could be made more numb than they already are. Look how many cheaters dupe them every year to gain admissions.

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