Get to know the Diana Center

With study spaces, chill spaces, food, and a bedtime later than your roommate’s, the Diana Center provides an excellent home away from dorm. Here’s a bottom-to-top handy guide to the big red building:

Lower Level 2
Couches galore. Usually pretty quiet, so excellent for study groups or just cozying up with a book.
Protip: LL2 is also home to the black box theater, where you can (and should) attend performances of insanely talented fellow students.

Lower Level 1
Home to the Diana Event Oval, where cool speakers speak and cool events take place. Also home to oddly low tables and chairs, so you can sit like one of those trendy little kids in the Apple Store. An entrance to the Barnard tunnels is also on this level, which leads to mail services.
Protip: As creepy and confusing as the tunnels may seem, know that it’s pretty much impossible to get lost in them and that, come winter time, you will value them more than you value your friends and family.

First Floor
Hosts the Barnard Store and Liz’s Place, an amazing café. Liz’s has constant music playing, Starbucks, snacks, couches, Karaoke Wednesdays, and a staff famous for its kindness and support. One of my favorite places on campus.
Protip: Keep in mind that Liz’s has annoying hours on Sundays and is closed on Saturdays.
Protip 2: In addition to swag, the Barnard Store sells discounted movie, Broadway, and comedy show tickets. Take advantage of this.

Second Floor
The Diana Café, server of great packaged Freshko sandwiches and salads, a breakfast combo deal, thin crust pizzas, salad bar, yogurt parfait bar, and meh pastries. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s a nice place to sit, work, and maybe creep on your friends in Liz’s Place.
Protip: Avoid going there straight after class at 12:55 p.m., unless you’re really fast and your class is in the Diana. Lines on lines on lines.

Third Floor
Home to this amazing new mural, the Student Life office, and the reading room. The reading room is super quiet, and all desks have dividers and outlets for maximum productivity. Death stares may be shot if you talk for extended amounts of time. This level is also home to the printing lab, which is one of the only places on Barnard campus you need to swipe into. This may give you an exclusivity complex. Don’t let it go to your head.
Protip: There are lots of computers and printers in the lab, so these printers are your best bet if you’re in the area and don’t want to wait on the long lines in the library.
Protip 2: This level also has charging stations right next to the elevators, so you can stop by there to juice up.

Fourth Floor
No real reason to be there unless you need to be.
Protip: If you do need to be there, enjoy the view of campus from the architecture studio.

Fifth Floor
Classrooms with an awesome corner of couches.
Protip: The couches are a nice, quiet, underrated place to study.

Sixth Floor
The entire floor is a small bright green room with couches, which leads out to a really pretty rooftop lawn. Random but quite nice.
Protip: The elevator doors open directly into the room, so whoever is in there will likely stare at you initially. Take it in stride and maybe don’t shout on the phone as you walk in.

Final Protip: Friend Diana TheCenter on Facebook, because what other building do you know that has a Facebook?

Tova is a sophomore at Barnard studying whatever floats her boat. So far, it’s pool noodles and helium-filled balloons. She loves TV, writing, and deli rolls with the right amount of everything.


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Riv posted on

Tova strikes again! I missed your articles over the summer! Great piece- wish I had read something like this pre-first year of Barnard. Some of us had to rough it and figure it out for ourselves :)