Campus Services announces new group meeting space to replace Lerner fifth floor boardrooms

Vice President of Campus Services Scott Wright recently met with Spectator to discuss new meeting space for student groups after three boardrooms on the fifth floor of Lerner were repurposed into health offices earlier this summer.

Student group leaders said they were worried about finding space to replace the boardrooms in 501-503 Lerner, which student groups had already reserved for the fall. Go Ask Alice! offices moved into that boardroom space earlier this summer to accommodate the additional location for the Sexual Violence Response, which moved into Go Ask Alice!'s former space on the seventh floor of Lerner.

Wright said a total of 129 seats had been made available to replace the 75 seats previously available in the fifth floor boardrooms.

Here's an outline of the spaces made available to replace the boardrooms:

— Three rooms have been made available within Student Development and Activities Office: 505B seats 9 people, 505G seats 14 people, and 505L seats 19 people.

— 401 Lerner, which has a capacity of 20 people, is now available for booking.

— 403 Lerner has been partitioned into two rooms—403H, which can seat 10 people, and 403I, which can seat seven people.

— Broadway 120, which has a capacity of 40 people, now has a conference room table. The room was previously only available for bookings on Thursday through Sunday, but will now be available for bookings throughout the week.

— Schapiro 109 has a capacity of ten people. That room used to have study carrels, and Wright said that administrators are considering returning the study carrels to that room during finals and midterms.

— Additionally, the furniture from the fifth floor boardrooms has moved to the Lerner Ramp Lounges.

Wright said there would be a special sign-in procedure for meeting spaces within residence halls to accommodate commuters and students from Barnard and the School of General Studies to enter those spaces.

“Anyone can get into that room if we leave an attendee list at the door, just as we would if there’s a classroom in one of those residence halls," Wright said. "It’s not as though people would have to go through a cumbersome process."


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GS posted on

Technically the GS/BC segregation policy already allowed for GS/BC to go to events in dorms if they were on an approved, prefiled attendee list. Would Scott Wright care to provide the percentage of events, even ostensibly 4-school events, held in dorms that went through this process last year? I can't tell you it's 0% but it's definitely under 10%.