Getting around Baker

  • THE GREAT OUTDOORS | Nine Columbia teams compete at Baker Athletics Complex.

Columbia plays its outdoor spectator sports at Baker Athletics Complex on 218th Street. It can be a bit confusing to get there and find your way around the first time.

But we’re here to help.

Spectator sports at Baker

  • Football—Robert K. Kraft Field (fall)
  • M/W Soccer—Rocco B. Commisso Soccer Stadium (fall)
  • Field Hockey—Columbia Field Hockey Venue (fall)
  • M/W Tennis—Dick Savitt Tennis Center (spring)
  • Baseball—Robertston Field at Satow Stadium (spring)
  • Softball—Columbia Softball Stadium (spring)
  • Lacrosse—Robert K. Kraft Field (spring)

If you’re looking for basketball, wrestling, fencing, or swimming, no need to go all the way to Baker—those teams conveniently compete on campus, in Dodge Fitness Center.

Google Maps
Google Maps

1. Robert K. Kraft Field—football (fall), lacrosse (spring). Also where you can find the bathrooms.

2. Rocco B. Commisso Soccer Stadium—soccer (fall)

3. Columbia Field Hockey Venue—field hockey (fall)

4. Robertson Field—baseball (spring)

5. Dick Savitt Tennis Center—tennis (spring)

6. Columbia Softball Stadium—softball (spring)

7. Entrance closest to soccer and field hockey fields, adjacent to Campbell Sports Center

8. Entrance closest to football and baseball fields

9. Entrance to tennis courts

How to get there

Plan for a 30-minute trip each way. The actual traveling part will take more like 20, but you may have to wait for a train or the bus. Plan on getting there early for football.

If it’s a football game day, you can take a fan bus. They leave regularly from the Columbia gates and drop you off at Baker. After the game, they’ll pick you up from 218th Street and drop you off back at the Columbia gates. Other big events may also have fan bus service—check GoColumbiaLions for more information.

If you need to take the subway, take the 1 train from 116th Street to 215th Street. Get off and follow the tracks north. Turn left at 218th Street. Right next to Campbell Sports Center (you can’t miss it) is the entrance closest to the soccer and field hockey fields. There are a couple of other entrances a little further west on 218th Street for football and tennis.

In case there is something wrong with the 1, do note that you can walk east from Columbia and ride the C from 116th Street to 125th Street. Transfer to the A and ride it up to 207th Street. It’s a short walk from there to Baker. The A and C also cross paths with the 1 at 168th Street.


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