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Deadline extended: Apply to be an Associate Spectrum Editor or Series Blogger

Your talents are needed in the blogosphere - Spectrum is hiring (and we'll pay handsomely in food and good company.) We're looking for Associate Spectrum Editors, or ASEs, to run the blog one day a week, as well as series bloggers to keep Spectrum at its wittiest. Applications for Associate Editor are here, and here's the link to the series blogger application.

Applications are due by noon on Thursday, August 28.

Here's a quick breakdown on the positions:

Associate Spectrum Editor: As an ASE, you're responsible for managing the blog's content one day a week, making sure posts are published on time, and suggesting content for the day. You can also expect to cover breaking news on campus, edit other posts, and contribute relevant content on other days of the week.

Series Blogger: As a Spectrum Series Blogger, you'll write a series post one day a week, on a theme of your choice. Spectrum series must be relevant to Columbia, whether they're based around your weekly musings on the social life on campus, interviews with students whose dress sense catches your eye, or an unofficial survival guide to Columbia. These are just some examples to get your creative juices flowing - feel free to think big and get creative with your ideas.

You can find past series posts here and here, and an example of a graphic series here.

If you have any questions, email me at mihika.barua@columbiaspectator.com.


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