CSA announces revised medical leave and readmission policy

The Center for Student Advising announced changes to the policy regarding medical leave and readmission for Columbia College and School of Engineering and Applied Science students in an email earlier today. The policies will take effect immediately this fall.

  • Among the changes are increased flexibility in medical leave time for CC students. They can now take anywhere from one semester to two years of leave, as opposed to the full academic year that was previously allowed.
  • Additionally, if a student who has been on leave longer than two years has been denied readmission, there is now a process for them to appeal that decision.
  • However, requests for medical leave must have an "individualized assessment of the student's healthcare needs" from a medical professional.  
  • Another change is that readmitted students will receive outreach from Dean of Advising Monique Rinere and the assistant dean of advising in addition to the student's advising dean.

"This will be an opportunity for students to have an additional sounding board, if needed, and an opportunity to establish new advising relationships during what can be a difficult time," the email said.

  • Finally, the deadline to apply for spring readmission after a leave of absence is now Nov. 1, a month later than the previous Oct. 1 deadline. The deadline for fall readmission remains June 1.

More information about medical leave and readmission can be found on the CSA website.


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Bolly Barbar posted on

This is a way for Columbia to make rapists disappear for a while without disciplinary or law enforcement due process. Sexual assault policy my ass.

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