Housing improves laundry facilities

Dry your tears! Wash away your sorrows!

Columbia Housing is in the process of putting new laundry machines in “all residential spaces.” In an email to Resident Advisers, Housing said they expect to have these changes made before the regular semester begins, although most will be ready in time for NSOP. These new machines will run entirely on Flex, so you’ll never have to worry about awful quarter-swallowing machines again.

Additionally, should you have any issues with these new machines, Housing has prepared an online refund form that will allow students to be reimbursed if the machine eats their clothes/money.

Check out the full email with all the details on installation below:

Resident Advisors,

Welcome back, we hope you had a great summer break! While you were gone, Housing has been working hard to improve the laundry facilities in all residential spaces. We are currently working towards replacing all of the equipment in the laundry rooms with new machines. These new machines were selected due to the fact that they are higher quality, and will be more reliable. Below is a list of the laundry rooms, and the schedule for when they will be replaced. We are working to have all new machines installed before the beginning of the semester. Also, the laundry machines will now run solely on Flex. The most common issue for laundry machines were coin jams causing machines to not run. We understand and appreciate the frustrations all residents experienced in the past and are excited to provide you all with a sustainable solution.

In addition to replacing the machines, we have made significant improvements to the refund process. While we do not anticipate there will be many issues with the new machines, we have implemented an online refund request form. Should you experience any concerns, you can submit a refund request online, and we will reimburse you and submit a maintenance request on your behalf.

We are looking forward to providing all of our residents with more efficient and reliable laundry campus wide!

East Campus: Completed

Wien: 8/16

47 Claremont: 8/15

River: 8/15

Woodbridge: 8/16

Schapiro: Remove on 8/19 and Replace on 8/22

Harmony:  8/20

Ruggles: Remove and Replace on 8/19

Watt: TBD

Brownstones: TBD

Hogan: 8/16

Broadway: Remove on 8/19 and Replace on 8/22

McBain TBD - Part of a larger Capital Project

Carman: 8/19

Furnald: 8/16

John Jay: TBD - Part of a larger Capital Project

Hartley/Wallach: 8/16

Columbia Housing


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What is this larger Capital Project?

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