Suit up... for the beach

The end is in sight. After the seemingly unscalable wall that is final exams, most of us will be on our way to a long, well-deserved break. For many, that entails a relaxing trip to the beach for a chance to soak in briny waters and catch some rays---or perhaps an indoor pool, for the unfortunate who will be stuck in colder climes.

This means that you’ll need a swimsuit. While the last couple decades have been plagued by long, oversized board shorts, the trend has recently returned to trimmer, shorter suits, like those you would have seen in the ‘60s or ‘70s. And that’s a good thing---this brand of suit is far more flattering and allows for a fuller range of movement, making oceanside football games all the more fun.

The most important thing to remember is that, like a good pair of chino shorts, swim trunks should never hit below the knee. Overly long shorts are never flattering. How far up the thigh you want to go is up to you. If you’re in less than perfect shape, you might want to cover up a bit more; if you’ve been sculpted by the gods, go as short as you like, but be aware that Speedos generally draw funny looks. Generally, the most flattering fit for average to fit body types is 3-4" above the top of the knee, which means an inseam somewhere around 7" depending on height.

As for colors and patterns, most anything goes. It’s the beach, so feel free to wear bright colors and crazy patterns. As long as they’re not plastered with logos or particularly tacky color combos, it can usually work. I’m particularly fond of small patterns, such as flowers, paisley, or geometric varieties.

Illustration by Nicholai Roman

Where to buy:

Old Navy ($23)
H&M ($20)
Target ($20)

Land’s End ($40)
ASOS ($40)
Quiksilver ($75)
J.Crew ($75)
Club Monaco ($80)
Urban Outfitters ($40-90)
Need Supply Co. ($60-120)
Warriors of Radness ($90)
Lightning Bolt ($75)
Ted Baker ($90)
Scotch & Soda ($75)
Abercrombie & Fitch ($50)
Greenlines ($65)

High end
Orlebar Brown ($240)
Vilebrequin ($250)
Onia ($150)

Good luck on finals, everyone, and enjoy your summers!


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