You were curious, so we found out: Results of the Columbia bucket list survey

Last week we asked you guys to tell us a bit about your college experience: specifically, how much of our College Bucket List you had checked off. Check out the results below.

There are many ways to experience and grow that extend beyond the classroom. That extend beyond this campus. That extend, even, beyond the questions in this bucket list. However we did our best here to get a concise picture of what the undergraduate student body has been up to.

We had 289 respondents: 89 freshmen, 67 sophomores, 43 juniors and 90 seniors. In our survey, we asked 12 questions, including:

  • which Columbia roofs you've been on, including roof sex
  • your EC party behavior - crashing parties, and awkward run-ins with prior hookups, because we've all been there.
  • and, of course, your college sexcapades. 

Check out the results after the jump!

Long-term relationships: A divided house 

During my time here, I've heard many complaints. "I want a relationship, but I always have too much work", or "I'd totally date someone, but all the guys are too ugly". New York Times wrote about how in vogue casual sex is these days. Out of 289 respondents, 161 students have not been in any long-term relationships However, a sizable amount—111—have.



Although there are significantly more no's than yeses, I'm still rooting for those 111 romantics in the survey. And for those 14 long-term cuddle buddies: when is Columbia Cuddle Buddies going to come up as an alternative to Columbia Admirers?! Counting on you guys...

How You've Explored Campus

We asked two important questions which we feel sum up two very different yet overlapping areas of bravado and exploration on campus.

  1. Where on campus have you had sex (non-residential)?
  2. Which roofs have you gone on?

The answers are mapped below:

Roofing (red): Mudd, Sipa, Butler, NoCo, Low, Dodge, Carman, Mcbain, Schapiro, Watt, Woodbridge, Broadway, Chandler Hall, Pupin, Uris, Sipa, Ruggles, River, Nussbaum, Sulz Tower, Kent, Wein, Diana Center, CEPSR, Fayerweather, Hogan.
 Sex (yellow): Pupin, Schermerhorn, Barnard Library, Uris Roof, Barnard Hall, Butler Bathroom, Noco, Butler, St. Pauls, Lerner, On the Steps, Journalism School, Fayerweather, New Grad-students lounge, Math building, Maison Francaise, Hamilton, Philosophy, Picnic Table in Front of Schermerhorn, Avery.

To be fair, we realize that most of the red buildings are dorm buildings, and you guys probably have sex in those too, but our "Sex" question aimed at non-dorm sex while our "Roof" question looked at all buildings.

Nevertheless, even considering just non-dorm buildings, there doesn't seem too much overlap between the buildings roofed and the buildings sexed. We encourage overlap. And here are the awards:

  • Most interesting sex place: the picnic table in front of Schermerhorn. We're not even sure we know where that is.
  • Crowd favorite for sex: Schermerhorn garnered 9 mentions.
  • Most accomplished roofer: Several roofers scaled 6 roofs, but the most accomplished, in our minds, was a sophomore who scaled Mudd, Sipa, Butler, Noco, Low and Dodge.
  • Crowd favorite (roofs): Mudd was the roofy-crowd favorite.

23 respondents scaled Low, which we find amazing.

(S)Expectations: Threesomes, OkCupid, and other fun stuff

Ok, here comes the moment we've all (definitely probably) been waiting for. Our last question explored how kinky you guys are. Let's be honest—we're all curious about Conversio Virium (Columbia's BDSM club), threesomes and strip poker. Additionally, we asked how many people have had multiple love interests show up at the same party, how many OkCupid/Tindr dates when ok, and how many of you did stuff too X-Rated to talk about. Here we'll show the "Yes" results.


Ok, awkward Columbia. 93 of you—almost 1/3 of our respondents—not only had multiple hookup buddies at one time, but were so poorly coordinated that you let 2 or more of them show up at the same place [Frat Party Conflict]? At the same time? I only hope I wasn't one of those people!

Out of our 8 Conversio Virium attendees, five were juniors. Clearly 2015 is killin' it. We'd also like to note that some of our strongest correlations were in this section. For example, "Conversio Virium" was strongly correlated with "Been in a Threesome". As was "Strip-poker". "Been in a Threesome" was also correlated with "too X-rated to talk about", which makes us wonder what else you threesomers have been up so. (Whoa, 'threesomer' is an actual word...)

Knowledge: Have you learned anything new here?

We'll leave you with something uplifting. The most significant finding, by far, was that almost all of you learned something new here. Which, lets be honest—all bucket lists and scandals aside—is really the point of going to this school in the first place.


And finally, the most interesting result (in my opinion) is that "Class Year" had no significant correlation with any other variable. In other words, freshmen were as likely to have been in a threesome, for example, or the Low roof, as a senior. None of this bucket list is out of your reach, 2017. 


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