Pregame playlist: It's almost finals edition

Hiya everyone! This week’s playlist is a soundtrack of sorts: music that’s perfect for setting off your homemade fireworks in a trashcan in the parking lot of a K-Mart, clutching an 89-cent Taco Bell bean burrito. The goal here is unadulterated---if stupid and probably ultimately misdirected---aggression. Enjoy!

Comparatively, this track is actually a bit old---it’s from the band’s self-titled album from last year. That being said, the heavy-handedness of chanting “I drink cheap beer, so what, fuck you” is more endearing than gimmicky. The track’s got a great, unrelenting beat---it’s like being hit by a wall of noise.

Like I said, I love Death Grips, especially drummer Zach Hill, who’s just a master. In continuing with the theme of tasteful sirens, I put this song on this playlist because it’s just a testament to how great a drummer the man is. My personal favorite element of this is the unconventional trash cymbals that Hill is known for; it creates an almost primal sound that can be heard whenever he’s on a track. If you didn’t like Death Grips, I’d give this a listen anyway: it has all the industrial and experimental noise of Death Grips but without the screaming.

No sirens here, but the echo effects on the vocals in “Slaughterhouse” are basically good enough. If you’ve been following my pregame playlists, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of Ty Segall in general, whether he’s working with Mikal Cronin or by himself.

If you don’t like Death Grips, go home. There is so much “fuck you” in this entire band that it’s impossible to not love them. “No Love” was released as a single off “No Love Deep Web." It maintains some of my favorite characteristics of the band’s music: the borderline obscene sirens throbbing over MC Ride’s distinct voice. Interestingly, I think the band’s choice to take a full pause every now and then helps listeners not get too absorbed in the beat, which prevents them from getting too comfortable with it.

Wow who would’ve ever thought that MIA and Sonic Youth would be on a playlist together? Is this creative genius or just idiocy? I’ll let you decide that one for yourself, but I do think that MIA is entirely underrated. While her new album was underwhelming, “Bring the Noize” was still a great single and it fits well within this playlist’s industrial theme, with sirens and some distorted vocals that are easy when you’re trying to get pumped to go out. As far as her own vocals go, she’s not a particularly talented rapper, but the sheer number and variety of sounds---especially the number of different beats going on here---keep it pretty interesting overall.

At this point, you’ve probably realized that this is a truly disjointed, dysfunctional, and dissonant bunch of tracks. Just tryna keep you all on your toes here because Friday is no time to turn down.


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This article is great!!!!!

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I'm in 209 on a Friday night and everything sucks, thankfully this playlist is encouraging me to start breaking shit