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May Day, May Day

Is there a better way to start off a Real World news session than to talk about the Ukraine? May 1 saw pro-Russian protesters take the prosecutor’s office in Donetsk. Of course, Donetsk is the center of the recent uprising, and the city is already controlled, for the most part, by the pro-Russian movement. Fortunately, representatives from around the world are working to mitigate the situation.

Russia, yet again

The violence in the Ukraine is just a small part of the apparent shift in Russian politics. As another reminder of May Day, Russia staged a military parade for the first time since its Soviet Union days. Are we about to enter another Cold War?


Diplomatic talks with a seemingly imperial Russia brings to mind recent history that included the space race. Another part of public policy reminiscent of the great strides into the unknown is the fact that NASA came out with new space suits. These are suitable (no pun intended) for a trip to Mars, which makes them really cool.

And now, a private company

But NASA is a government agency. And it is part of a government that has been telling private companies to hide the government’s data demands---and privacy advocates would be pleased to hear that these companies have said “no." It will be interesting to watch how this plays out during the summer months.

Smart devices

We give a lot of information to private companies. However, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thinks that there is more to the story than just information: He believes that the current generation is addicted to smartphones. I would agree. When you walk across Columbia’s campus, everyone has his or her phone out with few exceptions.

Star Tech

Speaking of smartphones, movies like Star Wars have a lot of what we might consider ‘smart’ tech. The cast of the next episode of the famous series was announced just this week. We have some of the old players, but we are also going to be introduced to a lot of new characters that have a stake in the Force. However, I think we can only hope that the Force guides Disney into making three more episodes that do not mirror the success of Episodes I, II, and III.

Chris Sabaitis is a sophomore at Columbia College studying mathematics and history. Feel free to follow him on Twitter to get his latest news updates @chris_sabaitis.


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