Pre-finals playlist

Finals are literally around the corner. You don't want to get started but none of your work is going away. Here's a playlist to get you through the 5 stages of finals: denial, procrastination, bargaining, depression, and finally, the eureka moment at 5 am when you finish your study guide or develop your thesis.

1. "The One Got That Away" - Katy Perry
More like that study guide that got away because you didn't save your work. Use Dropbox.

2. "I'll Make a Man Out of You" - "Mulan"
You don't need to pick a gender binary to jam to this song.

3. "I Need a Hero" Bonnie Tyler

Or heroine.

4. "The Bitch of Living" - "Spring Awakening"
Looking for life on Mars is as fruitless as finding life in the Butler ecosystem.

5. "Mr. Know It All" - Kelly Clarkson
You know it all! You got this!

6. "Why Don't You Love Me?" - Beyoncé
Please resist any urges to send emails like this to your TAs or professors.

7. "How Do You Sleep?" - Jesse McCartney that position in a third floor armchair?

8. "Keep the Car Running" - Arcade Fire
Coffee helps.

9.  "All the Above" - Maino feat. T. Pain
Stay above the fray. Stay away from Facebook.

10. "Hold On We're Going Home" - Drake
Even if the sun is rising, your hair is a mess, and nothing will feel as good as climbing into bed.


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beks posted on

this is missing die young, call me maybe, and good time so it is incomplete. but i still love you, dq.