Getting Graphic: Student Affairs edition

In our Getting Graphic series, blogger Orli Matlow interprets the week’s news with humorous charts and graphs. 

Hello, Columbia! Campus is looking as beautiful as ever! The sun is shining, the lawns are open, yesterday there was a beautiful (single) rainbow in the sky, and the majestic scaffolding and bleachers add an exciting obstacle course to getting around.

PrezBo said that the he is restructuring the Office of Student Affairs instead of hiring a new dean.


This was likely your Facebook News Feed this week:


This week there have been some tremendous events of student activism, particularly in the fight for a safe campus. On Thursday, it was reported that 23 students filed federal complaints against Columbia, alleging Title IX, Title II, and Clery Act violations. I think our generation is often unfairly maligned and reduced to the term "slactivists," and our peers over this past year have shown that is not true. But this is what we hear in the media:


Orli Matlow is a junior from Canada majoring in American Studies. She loves making graphs because sometimes she’s too lazy to write prose. Follow her on Twitter @HireMeImFunny


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"students watching arrested development" was too good. tooooo good :)