The Ivies get served, and inject-your-own doughnuts are now a thing

It's late. You're up. Next week is the last week of classes, finals are around the corner, and this week was chilly again.

Making headlines: 23 Columbia and Barnard students have filed for a Title IX sexual assault complaintagainst the university for ignoring federal laws. 

Happy anniversary: This week marks the anniversary of the 1968 Columbia riots, in which the buildings of Hamilton Hall, Low Library, Avery, Fayerweather, and Mathematics were occupied by students to protest against the administration's construction of a gym in Morningside Park and racial inequality. The protests forever changed how police officers interact with college campuses.

Heard along the ivy: The Project for Fair Representation, a legal defense organization, is filing a lawsuit against Harvard for rejecting applicants on the basis of race, alleging that  Harvard “continues to use an applicant’s race and ethnicity as an admission criterion" and criticizing Harvard's affirmative action policy.

Take me out to the ball game: Check out a comprehensive map of baseball team favorites throughout the country. New Jersey is perfectly bisected!

The end, where we speak of DIY doughnuts: Williamsburg café St. Balmain has introduced doughnuts you can fill with a syringe. These little babies come with an injector filled with vanilla cream, strawberry jam, or chocolate. As if they couldn't be more hipster.


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