“Everybody put a C in the air”: Bacchanal recap, from a sober attendee

I deemed it charitable that I provide a recap of this day from one of its sober attendees.  Bacchanal as "the sober one" was quite a sight---I think I spent more time in simple shock of the changes on this campus instead of enjoying the event itself. The muscle tanktops, flower headbands, and crop tops seem to creep out of the shadows and dominate Alma's domain much to my surprise. I also must admit that I only came for Chainsmokers and Lupe. My apologies to you, Flaxo, hmu if you have anything valuable to share.

Anyways,  for those of you too inebriated to remember #throwbacchanal, you can thank me later.

Chainsmokers. Dance dance dance dance dance. Let me take a selfie? Nah.Even though my dancing may not have been as "mollified" (see what I did there) as everyone around me, I have to say all of their songs were total jams.

  • What went down: Even though the fountains were off, someone still managed to reach the top tier, in honor of fountain girl 2K13. They took a picture, in her honor. Otherwise, I spent most of Chainsmokers sitting on the lawn trying not to stare at the Rugby team sitting next to me basking in the sunlight and the waves of air punching arms on Low steps.

The one, the only, Lupe Fiasco. Ah, the headliner. To be honest, my Lupe IQ ends at The Show Goes On. I spent more time trying to figure out how to dance to his music without just awkwardly swaying. Throughout his performance, Lupe shouted many a-thought to his audience. Even though most of in was unintelligible from my perch atop the steps, I put my personal favorite Lupe-isms here in a convenient list:

  1. "If you don't have at least a 3.5 , I'm not f*cking with you"
  2. 'This one is for the ladies."
  3. "This one is for the bitches." Daring.
  4. "You overly sensitive white boys" (No songs were dedicated to these white boys, and they are very hurt)
  5. That time Lupe riled up a bout of school spirit when he (gasp) compared us to NYU. I put my C in the air as was told.
  6. "Who out there is a poli-sci major? Government major? You gotta figure this shit out" (in reference to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict).

Right before he performed Show Goes On, he called up a girl with an Israeli flag, a girl with the Palestinian flag, and some kid wearing an American flag shirt and an American flag up to the stage. We are unsure if these people were given flags, or if they just happened to bring an Israeli/Palestinian flag to Bacchanal for shits and gigs. Either way, they had the flags and they were waving them proudly next to the rapper.

Despite my cynicism, I have to say that I think this was in good taste. It's hard to bring up the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without offending tons of people, especially in the midst of the SJP poster debacle. At first I didn't understand why Lupe brought politics into Bacchanal, but then I realized that a mention of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict relates to his song—despite the drama, The Show Goes On.


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"At first I didn’t understand why Lupe brought politics into Bacchanal, but then I realized that a mention of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict relates to his song—despite the drama, The Show Goes On."

What are you talkin about?

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