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While I’m sure that this blog is your one and only resource for men’s style, there are countless blogs, books, and other literature that far surpass the scope and quality of this modest weekly. To spare you the horror of sifting through the bowels of the Internet and reading everyone and their uncle’s musings on the sartorial, here’s a list of the places I look to for inspiration and advice.

The Big Three: GQ, Details, and Esquire
Magazines are the best print-based resource for fashion, grooming, and lifestyle, and there’s a reason these three are the most popular. GQ is more trendy, Details is more high fashion, and Esquire is more traditional. I read all three from time to time.

"How to Be a Man," Glenn O’Brien
A witty, charming, and full of great advice on how to live and dress well from Glenn O’Brien, who has been writing and influencing pop culture since the ‘70s, when he was working for Andy Warhol. He’s also an alum of our very own Graduate School of the Arts.

melodieux-perroquet / tumblr

"Fuck Yeah Menswear"
A strange, tongue-in-cheek book that includes sartorial advice, irony, and wit from the editors of a now-defunct tumblr of the same name.

"Take Ivy"
Originally published in Japan in 1965, Take Ivy is an insanely cool collection of photography from Ivy League campuses that showcases classic Ivy style, worn by the students who helped create it.

Unabashedly Prep (unabashedlyprep.com)
A more modern look into the prep lifestyle from one of the better-dressed photographers in New York City.

The Sartorialist (thesartorialist.com)
Amazing pictures of stylish men and women from one of the best street style photographers on the planet, Scott Schuman. He's even published a book of his photographs, "Closer."

beyondfabric / tumblr

Put This On (putthison.com)
A wealth of invaluable information about “dressing like a grown up.” History, brands, news, inspiration — it has it all. They even feature an eBay roundup, a guide for scoring high end pieces for low prices on eBay.

A Continuous Lean (acontinuouslean.com)
A blog with quality posts about people, things, and companies that are well worth looking into.

The Impossible Cool (theimpossiblecool.tumblr.com)
What could be better than a bunch of black-and-white photos of the coolest celebrities from the past?

Well Spent (well-spent.com)
A collection of brands and products at all price points with a focus on quality and practicality.

Menswear Dog (mensweardog.tumblr.com)
He’s a shiba inu. And he’s better dressed than you are.

curiousz / tumblr
Such fashion. Very style.

Four Pins (four-pins.com)
It’s sarcastic almost ad nauseam, but it has good information on the more trendy and youthful side of style.

Reddit (reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice)

It can be repetitive, boring, and close-minded, but it can also be a good place to find clothing reviews and news. Check the sidebar for a few well-done guides to shirts, pants, accessories, etc., that are especially useful to the newly initiated.


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