Neighborhood Watch

Spectator Staff Writer

The Yankees first came to the Bronx in 1923, traversing the Harlem River and leaving behind their home at the Polo Grounds in Upper Manhattan. On April 18 that year, the New York Yankees christened “The House that Ruth Built” with a game against the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees won, although the saga between the two teams did not end there. The Yankees’ most historic rival, the Red Sox, come back to the South Bronx this weekend. Since 1923, a lot has changed. The South Bronx has become the center for art movements in almost every medium: Keith Haring painted there; hip-hop was born there. The South Bronx is now home to a lot more than the Yankees.

South Bronx


Bronx Museum of the Arts

Home to more than 800 works of contemporary art, the Bronx Museum of the Arts has also become known for hosting vibrant exhibitions of work by artists as diverse as the neighborhood surrounding the space. Free to the public and open only from Thursday to Sunday, the museum is perfect for a weekend trip uptown. Currently, it hosts two exhibitions: one on paintings of American veterans, and another on the work of Paulo Bruscky, a Brazilian multi-media artist.

1040 Grand Concourse
New York
New York, NY 10452

Bronx Documentary Center

Since 2011, filmmakers and fans of documentary have come to the Bronx Documentary Center to be educated by peers, display their work, or explore their collections of photography and film. While their gallery exhibitions are closed until May 2, the center still hosts regular workshops by notable directors and artists. This weekend, Emmy-nominated director Jeremiah Zagar presents a workshop on developing and filming documentary work.

614 Courtlandt Ave.
New York, NY 10452

Feeding Tree

Just blocks away from Yankee Stadium, Feeding Tree is a local Jamaican spot known for its delicious traditional food. If hot dogs at the ballpark aren’t your thing, you can stop at Feeding Tree for jerk chicken or curried goat. With its proximity to the stadium, the restaurant has become quite popular in recent years. You may have to wait a bit, but that’s sure to be time well spent. 

892 Gerard Avenue
New York, NY 10452

The Hub

There’s always one place where all the roads seem to meet. Times Square, Brooklyn’s Flatbush Junction—these intersections of busy activity create a dynamic kind of energy. At the Hub, where Melrose, Willis, and Third avenues meet East 149th Street, you find a truly diverse offering of food and retail. Regardless of whether you find something to eat, this is where the action is in the South Bronx. 

2823 Third Ave.
New York, NY 10455