No Red Tape demonstrates at Days on Campus

The student activist group No Red Tape Columbia protested outside the Days on Campus activities fair in Lerner earlier today. No Red Tape Columbia has been fighting to change Columbia's sexual assault policies and practices. The students arrived with their mouths covered with red tape, prepared to hand out letters to prospective students and their families (see photos below). They were initially prevented from entering the auditorium and deputy news editor Emma Bogler, who was present and live-tweeting the incident, spoke with one activist about the conflict with security. "They jumped up and ran and barred us from entering with their bodies. They're kicking us out from every angle," the student said. According to another member of the group, they were physically barred from entering Roone, and Public Safety officers were assigned to guard all entrances.

According to Bogler, who witnessed a conversation between a student protester and an admissions staffer, the student accused the staffer of preventing the transmission of information about sexual assault, and the staffer responded that they had nothing to hide on Days on Campus.

The letters urged prospective students to consider the impact of sexual violence on college campuses and to ask questions about options available to survivors of sexual assault. See the letters after the jump, along with tweets from Bogler containing snippets of statements from No Red Tape members.

NoRedTapeCU letter to Prospies

Courtesy of Emma Bogler. Courtesy of Emma Bogler.





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