The Shaft

RECAP DAY 2: "At least we have a view of the city!" "Do we?"

Congratulations! If you’re reading this post, you’ve survived day two of in-person housing selection. (Hey, maybe you thrived, too.) Continue your Spectrum scroll for a recap of today’s events.

Disclaimer: As of right now, our whiteboard counts are not 100% accurate, but they will be tomorrow morning. Hang tight!

East Campus hopefuls should keep in mind that there are approximately 17 options remaining---eight sixth-floor doubles and nine five-person suites with one double. According to our tallies, no other suite types are available.

For potential Woodbridge dwellers, we’ve tallied ten medium-demand (E, F, I, J) rooms and 22 low-demand (A, B, D, G, L) rooms. Neither the two-bedrooms nor the high-demand rooms stayed open.

Those interested in Ruggles should note that there are six six-person suites, one eight-person suite with two doubles, and 13 eight-person suites with three doubles still yours for the taking.

In the meantime, though, you might also consider your other choices:

  • 35 doubles in Broadway
  • four four-person suites, one five-person suite, one six-person suite, and ten seven-person suites in Claremont
  • 2 doubles in Furnald
  • four doubles and one six-person suite with one double in Harmony
  • 173 doubles in McBain
  • 60 doubles and 9 walkthrough doubles in Nussbaum
  • two six-person suites with one double and one five in six-person suites with one double in Plimpton
  • 25 doubles and 30 walkthrough doubles in Schapiro
  • six doubles in Symposium
  • 53 studio doubles and three one-bedrooms in Watt
  • 44 doubles and 29 walkthrough doubles in Wien


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Anonymous posted on

How many EC suites were taken during regroup? Last year, there were 7.

No offense but... posted on

I could have found out all of the info in this email just by looking at the whiteboard. There's basically no analysis or predicting happening in this article.

zjcvpwnlp posted on

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