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One down, two to go: Senior Day recap

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Senior day has ended, and it was truly predictable. CG has been almost entirely chosen. Sulz Tower is gone save for two halves of doubles. The last Sulz Tower single was chosen by #285. The last group to pick into the top floors of 620 was #101. The last group to choose a five-person suite in 620 was #39, and the rest of the five-person groups picked 616Ds. After the predictable options ran out, several seniors began grasping at straws. Some picked into Plimpton singles, while others resorted to Hewitt or Elliot. Several studio singles in 110th were chosen but many remain. A few groups picked into great six-person apartments in 600 and 616, but overall the seniors didn’t make a large dent in either building.

Perhaps the biggest shocker of the day was that #1 was not present. The holder of lottery number 1 has elected to pull in underclassmen, making #2 the new #1. The first group to pick excitedly chose Sulz Tower. The rest of the groups to pick early shared in the excitement. Group #6, who chose the coveted 10A suite in 620, said: “We’re really excited for a really big common space, huge rooms, a hallway, and hopefully there’s no roaches.”

Some waiting outside Brooks Lounge from the very beginning weren’t quite as excited. A couple groups with early selection times were trying to find the extra number they needed to fill the suite they wanted. Despite this anxiety, the mood was pretty happy during the early picks of room selection.

Of course, the excitement did not last forever. When it came down to the wire, anxiety levels peaked and seniors could only hope that their dream homes stuck around long enough for their appointment time to come around. After her group snatched up 5D, one of the last remaining five-person suites, Zoe Heisler, BC '15, said, “I’m ready to cry.”

And then it got less happy. As a group of three left the selection room, one of them could only say “sad face.” When asked for further information, her friend volunteered: “I put the team on my back. We’re in Sulz Tower. I’m happy. She’s less happy. I’m really hungry. I’m gonna go lunch it up.” I can only assume that they weren’t able to pick three singles next to each other.

But it wasn’t over quite yet. One girl around lottery number 300 left the selection room practically in tears. Another senior who picked into four Plimpton singles with her friends said: “I hate Barnard housing. I’m literally gonna kill someone and am probably moving off campus.”

The day ended with most seniors happy and smiling. Junior and sophomore day are not likely to end quite as positively. Stay tuned for junior day preview at the beginning of next week!


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the diana posted on

Sulz Tower was a senior group's first choice???? What fresh hell
Congrats to all the new 620 residents - welcome to Barnard's best housing