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Housing strategy tips for Barnard juniors and seniors

Most of you are already familiar with the nature of the lottery since you’ve done it once before. Thankfully, this time you won’t start with the rest of what’s left.

We went over 110th, Plimpton, Hewitt, and Elliot in the last post with advice for sophomores. Now here’s some insight into the other (higher demand) dorms:

  • 620: the coveted top 6 floors of 620 are known to be a dream ... suites of all singles, most featuring a common room, dishwasher, and a lovely view. The bottom floors of 620 could potentially be filled with lots of disability suites (there are more ODS students than usual this year). These lower floors feature many tiny doubles, decent singles, and common rooms. Not bad overall.
  • 616: As this is the only building in the 600 block that houses only Barnard students, it contains a lovely lounge and computer room (with printers). The C suites (4 singles, 1 double) will likely fill very quickly as will the D suites (3 singles, 1 double) due to overflow of seniors who did not pick into 620. The A and B suites should be fair game for juniors with decent numbers.
  • 600: If you don’t mind living in doubles and having potentially noisy neighbors, this is the building for you. The location is as good as it gets, and the newly redone kitchens and bathrooms are beautiful.
  • Cathedral Gardens: I won’t lie, I haven’t walked the 15 minutes to check this one out, but I do hear that it’s worth it. There’s an abundance of singles and spacious common rooms. If you’re OK with a long walk (and the public safety shuttle will help you out), CG is a great place to be.
  • Sulz Tower: The view is gorgeous and there are a ton of singles. The kitchens, despite being more communal than suite style, are kept pretty tidy. Plus you get to live right on campus, which comes with the additional bonus of the Orgo Night Barnard quad dance party being right at your front door.

You’ve been through this as an underclassman, but now with more options, you get to really have fun with the lottery. Here’s a couple things to keep in mind before numbers go up:

  • Group size matters now more than it did before. If you have a later junior number, you might want to wait and see what the best available options will be rather than slapping together a 6-person group. Seniors choosing at the beginning should keep in mind that, due to demand for 5-person suites in 620 and the difficulty of breaking up a 5-person group, it might be easier to go in as a 4 or 6. As a 4-person group you are more versatile: You can pick into Sulz Tower or a great 620 suite. As a 6, you will have pretty much the best picks of 6-person suites available. It’s also easier to break down from a 6 group and still have great options available.
  • Have back-up plans on back-up plans on back-up plans. You’ve seen room selection: Anything can happen, and it truly is unpredictable. It could be that seniors all decide to live in Plimpton (I would not bank on this), leaving lots of empty space in the 600 block. It could be that all the 6-person suites in 616 have been taken and you need to pick on your feet. BE PREPARED. Have your first through last choices picked out, because, though it might seem unlikely, you might need them at the last second.
livinginthelandofdreams / tumblr
  • You might still wind up in a double. Someone’s gotta do it. And that someone might be you. If you’re extremely set on a single, you better hope your friends are more flexible. There are plenty of doubles to fill on this campus, and a single just can’t be a guarantee.

Some things to watch:

  • CG’s popularity. The current junior class (rising seniors) seems to love CG. Does this mean they’ll want to stay there one more year? Or will they attempt to select into housing closer to campus? How will the rising juniors feel about CG? Could rising sophomores have a shot? Filling CG early would mean fewer seniors in 616 and 600, possibly opening the door for later juniors/early sophomores.
  • Plimpton. Plimpton is dominated by sophomores this year, and they seem to really love it there. Does this mean that they’ll want to stay for one more year? Will Plimpton fill as quickly as it did back when it contained 5-person suites? This could leave more space in the 600 block.
  • ODS Housing. More ODS housing impacts what will be available during the lottery. When the live housing plans go up, we’ll be able to see how much of a difference it’s made. I’ve been told by ODS that the disability assignments have been spread around, but I have a feeling that they will be concentrated within the 600 block.

Questions? Comments? Contact us, and we’ll be glad to answer!


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Anonymous posted on

Juniors *might* have a chance for the doubles in sulz tower, but otherwise it's completely unrealistic to count on it, especially since plimpton is no longer coveted by seniors.

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in wtf world are there dishwashers in 620

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