Spring break is finally here!

It's late. You're up. And spring break has officially begun!

Spring break is here: And New York Mag is ON IT. According to a profile on the history of spring break, the first commercial wet t-shirt contest was held in 1975 with prizes of $75.

Reality check: Barnard announced today that there will be a 2.9% tuition hike for students next year. Nothing like a cheerful spring break sendoff from the administration.

More useless apps: Now there's an app called French Girls that lets you upload a selfie to the Internet to let strangers draw you.

Heard along the ivy: The Daily Princetonian accidentally used the photo of the wrong player for a profile about a senior on the football team, either because the players are of the same race... or wear the same number.

The end: Let's go to the beach, each, let's go get away! Make smart choices. Have fun. Be safe!


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