Beautiful weather playlist

I don't know about all of you, but this weather has made me deliriously happy (and pretty incapable of doing my reading for First-Year English). I can't help but feel like the whole day needs a soundtrack. So, whether you are in the mood already or need a picker-upper, the following is a beautiful weather playlist:

1. "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone: "Sun in the sky, you know how I feel"

2. "You and I" by Ingrid Michaelson: "Don't you worry there, my honey"

3. "Wild at Heart" by Gloriana: "Hell bent on chasin' down that crazy spark"

4. "Bitter Heart" by Zee Avi: "Sun rays come down"

5. "Helplessness Blues" by Fleet Foxes: "Gold hair in the sunlight, my light in the dawn"

6. "We Come Running" by Youngblood Hawke: "Headed for the open door"

7. "Change of Seasons" by Sweet Thing: "And her love changes with every season"

8. "The Gambler" by Fun. (disclaimer: my all-time favorite song): "Slow down, we've got time left to be lazy"

9. "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons: "I don't ever wanna leave this town"

10. "Dance Anthem of the 80's" by Regina Spektor: "I went walking through the city, like a drunk but not"


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