The Shaft

Previewing East Campus and Hogan

East Campus (EC) and Hogan are two great dorms for upperclassmen looking to live in suites. You've probably been to both before—whether you choose to remember those nights or not. Although Hogan is far smaller than EC, they both have a social atmosphere and are among the nicer dorms on campus. Hogan is entirely seniors, but a few juniors can sneak into EC if they have senior friends who want to live with them.

View of EC from the courtyard. Image from Spectator Archives.

The Basics

EC has...

  • several doubles on the 6th floor
  • 2-person flats with two bedrooms (cutoff: 30/1477)
  • 4-person townhouses, all singles (cutoff: 30/1309)
  • 5-person high-rise suites, all singles (cutoff: 30/709)
  • 5-person high-rise suites, 3 singles and 1 double (cutoff: 24/814)
  • 6-person townhouses, all singles (cutoff: 30/1927)
  • 6-person townhouses, 4 singles and 1 double (cutoff: 30/2752)
  • 6-person high-rise suites, all singles (cutoff: 30/668)

While Hogan has...

  • 4-person suites, all singles (cutoff: 30/1014)
  • 5-person suites, all singles (cutoff: 30/1257)
  • one 6-person RA suite, with 4 singles that can be picked into (last year went to 30/1496)
  • two 4-person RA/CA suites, with 2 singles that can be picked into
Hogan Hall, view from Broadway. Image courtesy of Columbia Housing.

The EC townhouses are accessible through the inner courtyard while the suites are in the high-rise. I like the high-rise suites a bit better because the views are pretty amazing: You get either the East Harlem landscape or a view of campus. And I don't like walking through the cold after I've already entered a building. But all of the west townhouses are scheduled for renovations: This includes electronic locks and new floors (not listed on housing website, but verified by current residents). The 20th floor, too, will get new floors, better lighting, and electronic locks.

View from 8th floor lounge, EC. Image courtesy of Wiki CU.

Hogan, on the other hand, is more centrally located. In the same building as Broadway, Hogan is on frat row (114th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam), and is straight across the street from Lerner Hall and Butler Library. While no major suite renovations are planned for this year (the roof is being replaced, but that's all), the dorms already feel new, modern and clean.

The Rooms

EC singles tend to be around 150 square feet, and its doubles (in suites) tend to be around 170. Hogan's singles tend to be around 130 square feet. Closet space is definitely bigger in Hogan though, if you're planning on being bourgeois with your wardrobe. Both boast large lounges and well-equipped kitchens—some suites in both dorms even have dishwashers!

EC kitchen. Dat dishwasher! Image courtesy of Wiki CU.

Because lounges in both dorms are relatively soundproof, it is easier to host parties in these dorms. This can be both a positive and a negative for some residents. Student groups throwing parties, and frats located in both dorm buildings—Phi Gamma Delta (or, FIJI) in Hogan, for example, and Alpha Epsilon Pi (AePi) in EC—give the weekends a typical college flair, drawing crowds. For some, this is a great experience. For others, it means dealing with long lines and stressed security guards at the entrance desk (pending improvements).

Hogan Suite, with partial view of kitchen. Image courtesy of Wiki CU.

There are more details to note. As it shares the same building with Broadway, Hogan has access to the Broadway Sky Lounge, which is a great place to do homework. EC also has lounges, most notably the one on the second floor which is undergoing a renovation to include a large flat-screen TV, flexible seating, and a piano. However, every floor in the high-rise has common areas as well, some of which are exercise areas and others quiet study spaces. So, there are places to go if your suite is too loud.

If you're not a senior and you'd still like to live in EC, you can shoot for the 6th floor doubles (usually finish in early sophomore round, but last year were cleaned out during junior regroup) or the 5-person suites ("exclusion suites") if you have senior friends who want to take the singles. The EC Exclusion suites finished off during the mixed-point junior/senior round last year, so all-junior groups trying for these suites are taking a pretty big risk.

Let's pretend that our suite common areas are all this cool. EC suite lounge. Image courtesy of Bwog.


To understand the atmosphere of EC and Hogan, think McBain, but nicer. If you are interested in being in a social space, with a couple of close suitemates and are willing to tolerate the weekend crowds, definitely consider these dorms. If you're interested in being in the same space as most of the rest of your senior class, consider EC. If, on the other hand, you would prefer to build your Fortress of Solitude away from all that, consider Broadway, Watt, or Schapiro.

And as for deciding between EC and Hogan, the biggest consideration is really location. EC also has A/C, if you're someone passionate about livable temperatures. What's important is that you decide—before finalizing the number of people in your group—which size suite or townhouse you're shooting for, and what you'll do if you can't get one with all singles.


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