The Shaft

Previewing Broadway and Schapiro

Too lazy to study Columbia Housing’s website? You're in luck---The Shaft is here to analyze your options, and today, we're talking Broadway and Schapiro. 

Singles? Doubles? Numbers are confusing? 

Broadway: 300 singles, 36 doubles.

Schapiro: 245 singles, 85 doubles.

I’m a rising sophomore, what are my chances of---

Broadway: Sophomores mostly live in the smallest doubles, but keep an eye on that silver lining---it's not out of reach.

Schapiro: Believe in your dreams---Schapiro hosts sophomores, juniors, and a few seniors.

Tear the Band-Aid off. What are the cons?

Broadway: Neither the rooms nor the kitchens are huge; and one current sophomore reports that “it’s pretty impossible to have parties in Broadway, although some have tried.” You’ve gotta love the tenacity of the human spirit.

Broadway Sky Lounge, Top Floor

Schapiro: We’ve heard gripes about cleanliness---especially in the kitchens and bathrooms---and the room lighting isn’t especially great. Otherwise, the complaints are more subjective: for instance, unless you’ve surrounded yourself with friends, the social environment can be a little quiet.

I'm still trying to find televisual meaning in a post-"Breaking Bad" world. Where can I catch up on television?

Broadway: On each floor, there’s a lounge with cable TV; in addition to those spaces, Broadway has two large lounges on the fourteenth floor, as well as an open space in the lobby.

Schapiro: Each floor has a kitchen lounge with cable TV; you’ll also find lounges on floors one and seventeen, the latter of which offers a beautiful view of the Hudson.

Schapiro Sky Lounge, Top Floor

How often is the building cleaned?

Broadway: Both kitchens and bathrooms are cleaned daily (Monday through Friday), and trash removal is your job---suck it up.

Schapiro: Please see above.


Broadway: Four bathrooms per floor: two male and two female. Bathrooms are shared and typically clean.

Schapiro: Two bathrooms per floor: one male and one female. Bathrooms are shared, but their cleanliness is a bit questionable.

Any other features?

Broadway: Two stoves per kitchen; speedy elevators; three minutes to Hamilton; one seminar classroom; four music practice rooms; laundry available in basement.

Schapiro: Dance room on first floor; music practice rooms in basement; brief walk to both the 1 train and Morton Williams.

Both buildings are unique in their top-floor sky-lounges, where students can work, relax, and enjoy beautiful views of the city. In fact, the sky-lounges often serve as quiet study spaces, and are a great alternative if you don't feel like trudging to Butler.


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Anonymous posted on

What are the chances of a 24-point group getting an EC highrise?

emma posted on

You have a change at an EC highrise exclusion suite (3 singles, 1 double), but it's far from a guarantee—last year, only one 24 point group got one of these

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like zero...

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