Pregame Playlist: Oh shit, it’s midterms edition

If you’re not yet intimately acquainted with the dark, whirling, time-sucking vortex of new musical exploration that is free internet music (SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Earmilk, etc..), then you should be. For every ten disturbing, jangly, new-wave, half-hour long “tracks” composed of human and animal sex sounds, you might just discover a gem. Then you can send it to all your friends and remind them how normcore they are in their music taste in comparison with you. For midterms’ sake, we’ve done the legwork for you in tonight’s pre-game playlist.

Es-K—"Piaf Bounce"
Are you having a sophisticated wine and cheese party? Would you like to up the ante? Here’s a frankly dirty Edith Piaf remix to get things going—you’ll have it to thank when you wake up tomorrow morning naked and smeared with camembert.

Great Good Fine Ok—"You're the One for Me" (option4 remix)
Blasting out an unheard-of remix of an unheard-of band at your unheard-of party with your unheard-of, possibly nonexistent friends? You are like an onion but with layers of hipster.

“Erm, I don’t play Beyonce, I just play slightly odd but cool tracks by the producer of Beyonce’s latest album that have only 13,000 YouTube hits,” is the only smug-sounding introduction one should ever make to this track. Cha-ching! Hear those indie points rack up—with added bonus points for the uncomfortable sex noises in this song.

Yumi Zouma—"The Brae"
Yumi Zouma doesn’t really get you in the mood for drinking, but once you’re already drunk you can do adorable/pathetic dancing/falling to its upbeat indie pop. It’s cute, it really is.

DELPHINE—"La fermeture eclaire"
French lyrics? Check. Strange, sensual, art-inspired music video in which a woman covers her bare breasts with dead butterflies stuck with pins? Check. Looks of confusion when you try and play this at a legitimate party full of android robot students? Check. This must be a good song to get drunk to, if not typically of the pre-game genre.

Erik Hassle—"Ready for You"
The coolest person I know describes this song as “just indie enough to be acceptable but I'm aware it's a grey area.” I’ll take it. Although it’s a fairly chill track, references to being drunk make it applicable to the pre-game genre, kinda. Also it sounds bad, but in a way that I imagine might be quite satisfying if one were intoxicated.


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