Students discuss proposed CCSC exec board voting changes

Updated 10:48 p.m. At the Columbia College Student Council forum this afternoon, council members and students (read: council members and campus media) gathered to discuss a resolution that would split up tickets so that individual candidates can run for the CCSC executive board independently rather than joining a party. Discussion about the changes for the executive board began at last Sunday's CCSC meeting, when alumni affairs representative Daniel Liss, CC '16, introduced a resolution about the change. CCSC voted to hold a referendum for students to vote for the proposal during the special election for the class of 2016 representative. Liss moderated Friday's forum, which included CCSC president Daphne Chen, CC '14, ESC president Siddhant Bhatt, SEAS '14, former Spec publisher Alex Smyk, CC '14, and former Bwog editor in chief Alexandra Svokos, CC '14.

Panelists said that 60 percent of CCSC is made up of returning council members. Supporters of the resolution, which would still allow students to run with a party, seemed to agree that giving individuals the chance to run could shake things up. “Last year, there was only one party that ran,” Ben Kornick, CC '16, said. “If there is the ability for people to run as individual tickets, it increases accountability.” Kornick resigned last week from his position as class of 2016 representative for "personal reasons." “I think it’s an important change," Liss said after the event. "It gives more power back to the voters and it will increase competition." If the resolution were to pass, the president and vice president of policy would still be required to run together. “That team is very important," Chen said during the forum. She also threw out some ideas for other potential reforms, including eliminating the pre-professional representative and reducing the number of class representatives from three to two. “I’m only thinking anecdotally. I’m thinking about the people that we choose,” Chen said afterwords, mentioning Noah Swartz, vice president of finance, CC '16, who joined Chen's "It's Always Sunny in Columbia" party without any previous council experience,  as an example of someone who became involved with no council ties. Voting on the referendum will take place from March 3 to 5.


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Matt posted on

This is a step in the right direction, but I don't think it solves the problem. Esc doesn't require the e-board to run as a party, but one forms anyway and its really hard to challenge it.

Write now I'm thinking the only way to have more e-board competition (and my primary concern is SEAS here) is to disband parties (most likely marginally effective since unofficial agreements of support will still happen) or merge the councils. (an Idea I think should be actually talked about)

stqkE posted on

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