The Bro-Code of All That is Holy in CU Assassins

CU Assassins 2014 sign-up is happening now. The game, organized by the Engineering Student Council, has changed a lot in the years, including an expansion to include Barnard last year. Sakina Pasha (BC '13), second place winner of CU Assassins 2013, is here to share some ultimate ninja-survival tips. Kick-off this Saturday (2/22).

Before the game:

1) How much preparation did you do beforehand?
  • Facebook: You cannot deactivate your Facebook, according to the rules. But, you should block anyone who is in assassins and all their friends. Only a few trusted allies should be able to see your profile and know what you're doing.
  • Communicate: I warned my friends that I'd be disappearing randomly and I told them to deny knowing anything about me or my whereabouts (which most of them were really great about doing).
  • Police Officers: I actually was lucky to know a majority of them beforehand, so I definitely was able to survive longer because of their support. POLICE-OFFICER ALLEGIANCE IS ESSENTIAL!

2) Whats the craziest prep-work you heard about?

  • Some teams had ridiculous spreadsheets full of hours worth of stalking and research. I (may have) spent some time practicing by shooting at random targets around campus and quickly refilling my gun. Also, watching 007 movies can really get you in the zone!!
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
During the game:
3) What are some of the strategies you took to stay hidden from people?
I didn't use strategies, I'm just a ninja. But in all honesty...
  • Be Creative: Avoid the common routes that people typically take to classes. You can stay hidden if you know where buildings connect and where alternate entrances are. Find ways to get swipe access to places: This will increase the number of secret passage-ways at your disposal. (Some people skip class—DON'T!)
  • Safe Zones: Most of the places where I spent a majority of my time were safe zones. Know where the safe zones are!!
  • Cover Your Tracks: I was lucky because, as a Barnard student, the majority of players couldn't get into my building. However, I also took my name tag off the door and asked my roommates to tell anyone asking for me that they had the wrong suite.
4) What are some of the strategies you took to find people?
  • Eventually, I developed a spreadsheet too, lol. (See above).
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
5) Any other advice?
  • Trust no one: Your daily schedule is sacred: If you're too open about what classes you have, what organizations you're in, or where you work, people will find you. And kill you. Death.
  • Guns: Keep your gun on you at all times. I kept mine full, plus a back up, plus a little squirt bottle to refill the guns. Plastic wrap can stop leakage—empty gun equals death!!
  • Take care of your team: MY TEAM WAS AMAZING! After they died, teammates would walk me to class and watch my back. Also, I'd recommend having at least a few Barnard students on your team, not just because I was one, but because of their restricted dorm access and scheduling differences.
  • Know your strengths: I'm terrible at facial recognition, so I was not a strong hunter. However, I know how to navigate both Barnard and Columbia campuses better than most, and I had a lot of people helping, so my ninja skills were GREAT!
  • Reflect: This game makes you realize how creepy people can get, how little privacy you really have, and how quickly and easily you can develop anxiety from a 3" water gun.
  • Don't take it too seriously: At the end of the day, its a game. Have fun!
6) Would you do it again?
Sakina Pasha (BC'13) is a recent graduate of Barnard College, where she earned her Bachelors in Neuroscience. She is currently pursing a Masters Degree in the Science of Healthcare Delivery at Arizona State University. I learned this because I am no longer blocked from her profile like during CU Assassins 2013.


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Yes, just include your email address instead of Facebook identifier when filling out the registration!

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if you don't have a facebook can you participate?

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