The Canon

What does it mean to be successful at Columbia? Does success have the same metric for all Columbians? How should we seek success? What is the relationship between success and passion?

  • Illustration by Asia Cunningham
  • Our acceptance letters from Columbia, objectively, made high school a success. Once we step foot on campus, though, we’re little fish in a big pond of straight-A students, club presidents, published researchers, and impossibly popular peers. We spend a lot of time thinking about postcollege success, however you define that, without considering what it means to be successful while we’re at Columbia.

    In this week’s Canon, we ask contributors to reflect on Columbia’s definition of success. Is success serving on student council or working a Wall Street internship? Is success getting straight A’s or challenging oneself intellectually with wide-ranging courses?

    As we all strive for success in midterms, dress rehearsals, and relationships, it’s important to step back and ask what it is we’re really searching for.

    Emma Finder and Dan Garisto
    Editorial Page Editors

    The practice of being passionate

    Concrete achievements and awards are easiest to connect to success, but is it the best way to recognize our own and others' accomplishments?


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