We've all been bear

People usually slam boredom, but for Daniella Herman, BC '17, boredom led to a series of Barnard teddy bear Snaps that are funny, adorable, and easy to relate to. “The bear is me. I’m living vicariously through the bear,” Herman explained.

Snow day hopeful bear:

#thenightbefore #thenightbefore
#themorningof #themorningof
#thursdayafternoon #thursdayafternoon

Too much work bear:

bear thursday

bear essay

bear library

#thursdaynights #thursdaynights
#actuallythursdaynights #actualthursdaynights

Busy work bear:

bear stapling

Fun bear:

bear fruit

bear heat

And finally, classic annoying friends bear:

#classic #classic


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