Your Voices: Valentines Day Poll Results

Columbia, are you in the mood for some lovin'? Some of your classmates are! Read on for some awesome things that some great classmates have to say about V-Day.

Tell us your best Valentines Day Story:

This one's adorable:

Every year my mom gives me the best Valentine's Day present. Seriously- started when I was really young and now she sends me packages. Nothing fancy, but lots of cute little things, candies, maybe a pair of socks with hearts. And a bathing suit...because she finds it ironic that Target puts out their bathing suit collection so early. Started as a joke and is now a tradition. SEAS, female

Dude, you haz CLASS:

I just sent flowers to a complete stranger; they'll be delivered this coming Valentine's Day. SEAS, male

Girl, your guy sucks! We hope you slapped him before walking out of that restaurant to bigger and better things! (Emphasis on "bigger"):

I went on a first date to a family-style restaurant with this guy I'd been hooking up with for a few weeks. He asked the waitress for her number. It sounds like a rom-com disaster but totally happened. Barnard, female

To each his own. We just hope that you cocked your shooter for some other—slightly less violent—deeds later:

Went hunting together. Columbia College, male

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

What's your best date idea for under $5?

You win. And hopefully not just at DevFest:

Have an impromptu hackathon. Spend the day coding something you're both interested in working on. Involves lots of pushing and pulling, and a fair amount of that may not be on the computer. ;) Price: $0. SEAS, male

You know, this girl actually has a point. The Met is raunchy. Its where I saw my first nude anything: I was 3 and, if I could've blushed, I would've.

Flash your student ID at the Met, look at lots of nude paintings, go home, and get nude. Barnard, female

And if you are an RA (or your date is), this date idea is completely free!

Get a condom and walk to my place. Columbia College, male

Lol Westside cream-cheese:

Go grocery store hopping, and food taste. Or, sample different flavors at different ice cream stores. Barnard, female

Aww girl, between your last comment and this one, YOU WIN AT CUTE!!

Homemade dinner and then ice skating (free at Bryant Park with your own skates!) SEAS, female

Happy_Valentine's_Day...! Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

And you could bump into any of these awesome people tonight! "What are your plans for Valentine's Day?"

Getting drunk & hitting on people at a house party. Barnard, female

Being a third wheel for my roommate and his girlfriend. SEAS, male

McAC Lovefest!! Barnard, female

A sensual date with Butler, a.k.a. writing a paper while eating the chocolate my mom sent me. No shame. Columbia College, female


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