Forget Valentine's---here's what you should be doing this weekend

Cold front: FRIGID theater fest hits New YorkSince 2007, this annual theater festival has brought us "independent, uncensored" theater from up-and-coming writers, directors, and actors throughout the city. Better yet, all proceeds go right back to the artists. Check out what some of the playwrights and actors have to say about the festival in Zoë's article, then go see some of the shows---tickets to each are only $16 maximum!

Courtesy of Emily Owens

Royal New Zealand Ballet wows at Joyce with new choreography, exceptional skill: Always wanted to see a ballet, but never wanted to spend the money on tickets? Go rush out and buy tickets to the Royal New Zealand Ballet now---they're only $10! Shows only run through Feb. 16, though, so hurry.

Ladurée's new SoHo installment fails to satisfy for price: Ladurée has never seemed to live up to expectations, and their new store in SoHo is no different. Both the famous macarons and the traditional French fare just didn't live up to the possibilities, let alone their high prices. Don't fret, though, there's plenty more macaron parlors throughout the city!

Jing Qu / Staff Photographer

Singer on Broadway: Getting the most Broadway bang for your buck: Jenny Singer guides us through all the more affordable Broadway options. Getting cheap tickets can take a little more effort, but it's worth it to see some of Broadway's biggest shows on a college budget.

Neighborhood Watch: Washington Heights: Need a new place to explore but don't want to go all the way downtown or, worse, to another borough? Head up a few blocks on the A train to explore the often-overlooked Washington Heights. Make sure to visit some of Finn's recommendations!

The Met's 'Prince Igor' suffers from directing, staging issues: This classic, sprawling Russian opera didn't quite live up to expectations, although opera critic Chris Browner still says it ultimately produces "some striking moments." Tickets start at $20, so if you're an opera fanatic, or just want to experience Russian opera for the first time, it's still worth seeing.

Courtesy of Cory Weaver / Metropolitan Opera

Need something else to do? Here are more things happening on campus and in the city:

  • The Ivy Ballet Exchange will take place in Miller Theatre on Feb. 15 and 16. Tickets to see some of the best ballet in the Ivy League are only $20.
  • See Postcrypt Art Gallery's (in the basement of St. Paul's Chapel) latest exhibition "Bridging Boundaries: Redefining Diaspora." This collaborative effort between the African Students Association, Postcrypt Art Gallery, and Art in FLUX Harlem runs through March 7.
  • Head down to Chelsea to visit The City Bakery and partake in the annual hot chocolate festival. This famous spot is serving a different flavor every day in February---see the flavor calendar here. FYI, today's flavor is "Love Potion."


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