Forget the Post, Here's the Review

No need to spend your precious time searching through Facebook and Twitter to stay updated. Spectrum has your back: This weekly series on current events will have you more informed on the real world than your favorite Poli Sci professor!

 To start, let’s have a quick update on the Olympics: The US is currently in 5th place by gold medals, preceded by the Netherlands, Norway, Canada, and, in first place, Germany.  However, I doubt America’s performance was hindered by the “Rings Glitch,” which saw the five Olympic rings descend from the ceiling as snowflakes and expand into the traditional Olympic symbol---except one of them didn’t.

And just if you were wondering, the article concerning the rings’ engineer’s untimely death after the Opening Ceremony was false.

Despite the Ring Catastrophe, the world of science and technology performed well this week.  Researchers compiled DNA samples from people across the world to determine that our genes reflect human history in terms of migration and isolation.  By analyzing our genes, we can track our ancestors’ movements and put them in context with known historical events.  

If you want to check out your ancestor’s movements, check out the findings on the companion website.

To continue the trend of science-y awesomeness, a group of scientists in California said they found evidence of a nuclear fusion experiment generating more energy than was added, thus taking an important step towards a potentially limitless energy source.  Although the result violates the first law of thermodynamics, the researchers used special lasers to compress water isotopes by 35 times and still maintain the critical shape of the original fuel capsule to create a short burst of energy. Now they just need to make the reactor pocket-sized so my iPhone doesn’t die in the middle of the day...

A small reactor, I’m sure, would find many uses in today’s busy life.  Someone would surely make a portable bacon maker, especially given that bacon sales are continuing to increase every year. Although nutritionists give the delicious strips low health ratings, and although the country just went through an economic recession, Americans are buying more bacon than ever. Hmmm...I think this article would taste better with something...

Bacon is one of those foods that tastes good with almost anything and in almost any weather scenario, including those with excessive snowfall. USA Today reported that 49 out of the 50 states saw some snow on the ground, with Florida as the only exception.

And we’re not quite done with snow yet: before the temperatures begin to increase in preparation for spring, more of that white stuff is expected this weekend.

Although I’m sure that we’ve all been bombarded with Valentine’s Day stories, I felt it necessary to mention the holiday here. Or the lack of the day devoted to love. A county sheriff in northern Georgia designated his domain a “NO VALENTINES DAY ZONE” due to the weather. So the snow hasn’t been all bad: As far as we’re concerned, it has canceled Valentine’s Day. I’m sure all of us who were defiantly planning to spend the 14th with a TV and a box of chocolates will be delighted.

Chris Sabaitis is a sophomore in the College studying mathematics and history. Feel free to follow him on Twitter to get his latest news updates @chris_sabaitis.


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