The ever-exciting Tuesday morning

Good morning, Columbia. If you're in a rush this morning, all you need to know is that today's weather can be best described as a shin-bruising obtained outside of Pupin. We'll be cruising through the 20s today with clear and sunny skies, but the temperature will hit a low of 11 tonight.

In Columbia news:

ccsc_ma_0 Cindy Ma / Senior Staff Photographer

Outside the bubble: 

Looking for a fruitful discussion about romance later in the evening? The Student Wellness Project, the Veritas Forum at Columbia, and Columbia Anscombe Society have organized an event entitled "Finding Love in a Hopeless Place: What do you want romance at Columbia to look like?" It will take place in Broadway in the 14th floor lounge between 8 and 9:30 p.m. Check out their Facebook event for more information. Oh, and there will be free Insomnia cookies!

Have a great day!


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