Monday haiku: Valentine's edition

From the creator of Art Hum Snapchats, Spectrum brings you Monday Haiku in a new series that documents life at Columbia and Core struggles through the power of the haiku. This week, we bring you the Saint Valentine's edition of haiku.


One Morningside night

Love at first sight; we CAVA'd

Some guy together.


He was tall, dark, and

---you guessed it, handsome---but then

I met his boyfriend.


Fair Alma, arms outstretched

Waits for no one, but loves all

She don't need no man.


They texted on Tuesday,

Facebooked by Friday; added

Snapchat Saturday.


That Saturday night

at booty o'clock, a call;

star-crossed reunion.


The world wars weren't great

But that class led to a date

With my sophomore crush.


Flowers and chocolate

I don't need; just Netflix, a

Snuggie, and take-out.


Dear Cute Facebook Friend,

You "liked" my profile picture

Do you like my face?


Or the background place?

Do you know my friend in it?

I wish you would say.


I liked your status

And retweeted you, so you'd

know I like you back.


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