Imma buy U a hot drank

Good morning, Columbia! Or as many of you with colds may be saying at this point, "Good bordig, Coluh-bia." Today's weather will be in the high 20s and partly cloudy after last night's snowfall. To those of us dumb enough to not own weatherproof footwear, make sure to wear two pairs of socks so it takes longer to feel the icy slush water that seeps through your shoes.

In Columbia news:

  • CCSC's discussion last night included public safety, edits to the sexual assault adjudication process, and you getting locked out of your dorm. Check out the CCSC catch-up post here.
  • Four students protested at the Athena Festival against absentee honoree Sherry Lansing for refusing to raise the pay of her workers who qualify for public assistance. Lansing is being honored as a philanthropist.
  • We won at things! With swords! The Columbia men's fencing squad tied for first in the championships, while the women's team placed third.
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Outside the bubble:

  • City Bakery is having a Hot Chocolate Festival for the whole month of February! It's on 3 West 18th Street, so by the time you get there you'll be very cold, and the hot chocolate will be very warm. Today's flavor is cinnamon, so, yum.
  • Michael Sam, defensive lineman for the University of Missouri, may become the first openly gay player in the NFL. No one ever doubted his sexuality, he said, adding, "I guess they don’t want to ask a 6-3, 260-pound defensive lineman if he was gay or not."
  • Russia won gold in Olympic figure skating yesterday, the country's first gold medal this year. Watch Yulia Lipnitskaya's ridiculously amazing short program routine, and acknowledge how much cooler she is than you (or T Swift) were when you were fifteen. FIF. TEEN.

Today from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in Sulzberger Parlor (3rd floor, Barnard Hall), there's a coffee break for out-of-Tri-State-Area American Barnard students of all years to connect with others from their region of the US, modeled after the events international students have. RSVP to Dean Hollibaugh ( with your name and region if you're interested!

Take time today to surprise someone you love with a hot drink, and if I'm that someone, make it a peppermint hot chocolate, please. Have a great day, and don't forget to be awesome!


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