The Athena edition: Art and Film take center stage this weekend

Mornin' Columbia! Despite a high of only 30 degrees today, the sun will be out most of the day and there's no prediction of snowfall. Oh, life's little pleasures.

In Columbia news:

  • The Athena Film Festival is being held at Barnard this weekend. The festival, which looks to celebrate women in filmmaking, ends on Sunday. Check out Spectator's top picks here.
  • Four student artists have been selected to work on a 'Student Life mural' at Barnard. Work will begin in March and the mural will go up in the Diana Center.
  • Men's and women's diving are competing at Princeton this week, with the women looking to maintain their stellar record so far in the hope of finishing their season undefeated for the first time in program history.
  • The Museum of the City of New York's 'City as Canvas' exhibit, which opened this month, pays tribute to the glory days of street art and graffiti which inspired the work of today's street art phenomena like Banksy and 5 Pointz.
A Lovely Entrapment A piece in the 'City as Canvas' exhibit / Courtesy of Roger Smith

Outside the bubble:

  • Conservative Republicans are ruling out immigration reform this year.
  • A North Carolina Catholic School has apologized for a Black History month lunch menu that has angered the local community.
  • Barack Obama and several other world leaders will not be attending the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics.


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Doge posted on

Much art. Such Asif. How columbiadiving.